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  1. does any one know how to watch the tv series nu(2018)? I watched it three years ago and i found it is a good fantasy of nudist, but i cant find it now

  2. Been thinking about the PN laws in this new world and how they don’t seem to stay static. Would someone like to make a post of all the laws and penalties given for breaking them so we’re all on the same page? I’ve made a couple of captions that kinda seem to push the rules and I’ve seen a lot of others too where the mod or someone else has commented, so I think this would help a lot of us, especially those of us who haven’t like been here from the start. Maybe it could be made a sticky too, and edited whenever there’s a change?

    • Not the moderator or in any way authority on this but….
      It seams that lack of definitive bright line definition is sort of core to the idea.

      Different jurisdictions and different times would naturally have slightly different implementation of PN laws.
      Combine that with the “alt” tag for things that are not strictly canon and there is a lot of room for different people to play with their ideas

    • I can see where that would be helpful, but like P_P said, it would also hard to do. I feel like all the major concepts are explained on the About page, although it doesn’t aim to be exhaustive. So if you’ve read that and still have questions on some point, I’d suggest you just ask them here. I can try to clarify, and if it seems like a significant detail, perhaps I can update that page to add it. I admit it’s been a while since I changed anything on there.

    • That was awesome I had an argument with it just to see what happened i don’t own a passport and it was the only thing that they would except I wasn’t happy with that. The AI was doing quite well until it said that I needed a username I didn’t want to do that just for five minutes of fun

      • Same here. Enjoyed taking part and thanks for the link. I wanted to go back and start again but it’s just asking me for a username.

    • I decided to get a username for this now and I can’t stop going on it I’m now married to Sarah and have triplet daughters with her it’s actually really cool

  3. So is registering bottomless a thing? Because I kind of feel like I forced it into being a thing with so many submissions about it (insert emoji with the sweat drop on the forehead).

    • (Separately, it would be nice if the blog upgraded to Unicode so that emojis could be used, though I’m not sure how much work that would be on NWO.)

      • I have no idea why emoji don’t work in the first place (although I was aware they don’t). WordPress is pretty complex to start with, and then there’s the patchwork of plug-ins on top of it. I’d be nice if there was an easy fix, but I haven’t a clue. So, I’m sorry, but I doubt this is changing unless some update comes along and changes it for me.

  4. I’m gonna take some photos outside and submit them

    Can I get some suggestions for what photos to take and what the captions should be?

    • I have a hard time suggesting captions for other people, because I feel it should be something you like. But as general idea, I think the best pictures are those that show a naked person doing something which supports the caption. And the best captions tell some kind of little story with some emotional content.

      So just as an example, a picture of you carrying a briefcase or getting into a car, could fit nicely with a caption about how you’re excited/nervous/both to be going to work naked for the first time.

    • Take one with clothes on where your mood is kind of meh, then take one nude where you’re really happy. Make the caption about how you’re so happy that the registration office was able to figure out the paperwork snafu.

  5. I suppose I wouldn’t mind trying PN if I could test run it on a 24 hour or maybe one week basis. Pretty significant lifestyle change.

    • I wonder if the regulatory body offers trial runs like that? It might actually draw more people willingly into it

      • I’ve thought that if a town or state were to do a day for people to give it a try, that day should be April 1st.
        I haven’t thought of a good caption or found a good picture yet, but on April 1st, within the bounds of the city (or whatever jurisdiction) “clothing optional” is the rule of the land. No registration required, anyone who wants to can give it a try.
        For the town, it might even become a tourist event as people travel in to try PN for the day.

      • One incentive is fu face masking to hide the PN identity. If those folks commit an infraction, the mask comes off until the full trial duration plus 1 week, with strict nudity mandatory.

  6. Curious. Whenever I see a comment written as if the writer is actually speaking to the lady in the photo, I have to wonder. Does the writer really think that model is someone who reads these comments? Is the writer so delusional to think that? Or are they thinking this plays into a fantasy that they are in communication to the naked lady? Sometimes, I think they are just roleplaying, but some comments make me wonder if some readers/commenters have slipped on the great banana peel and dislodged some reality brain cells from the stem.

    • Most are probably just playing along with the blog’s idea, but I’m sure some really think they are actually speaking with the model

    • I find it rather difficult to imagine someone actually thinking they are communicating with the actual model in the picture, with the rare exception where someone submits their own picture to the blog. Even then, there is question of whether that submission is really the person submitting it or if that is a false claim.
      It is fun, though to “get into character” and comment as if communicating directly with the model in the picture as if the whole PN world were real.

      I suppose there could be people who think all this is real. After all, there are also people out there who believe the Earth is flat.

      • I’m surprised by the number of people who ask “Is this real?”, “where is that legal?” or “how do I register?” type questions. It’s not that many, but probably more than half a dozen over the years… You’d think it would be immediately obvious, but I guess not to everyone.

        • It’s a case of where’s the harm, it’s a good idea and makes sense. When so many formerly oppressed groups have won the right to live freely and openly to be who they are, why are naturists/ nudists required to stay hidden behind closed doors. The N/N’s should align themselves with the LBGQT movement to gain freedom.

  7. As a topfree “activist” (God, I hate that word and its connotations!) I have to say that blogs like this that normalize all types of female nudity mostly without the explicit expectation of sex being involved, are really not a bad thing. I think anything that de-stigmatises our bodies is great.

    I told some of my friends in the group about this site and was met with all kinds of negativity, from “it’s porn” to “male gaze”, “lack of self-respect”, and “misogyny and patriarchy” though.

    I think we as women have gotten so much wrong since the 70’s. Feminism went from discussions about egalaterianism to something way different. Some of the ideas in the state topfree group I left last night are ridiculous, but I want to share them with everyone and welcome comment and discussion.

    There seems to be an expectation that we should be able to be (at least) topless in public without…

    Men looking,
    Men smiling,
    Men even acknowledging we exist,
    And God forbid a man were to compliment our tits! THAT would be THE WORST THING EVER!!!

    No man is an island, and no woman is a monolith. Not every woman will want to be ignored or paid no mind. Personally, on topless freedom day in the City, when women with much bigger breasts than me are proudly parading through the streets, I LIKE receiving compliments on my less perky, less full breasts. I LIKE when people look, because it makes me feel like that women like me are still found attractive. To me, it’s a great equalizer, proof that there is no right or wrong shape, size, or weight, that every one of us is beautiful in our own right.

    I don’t get where the disconnect is, I really don’t.

    Then there’s the whole feminist denial of God and nature. Like, the reason men find us attractive in the first place is 100% natural. Just as we shouldn’t be shamed for our bodies, men shouldn’t be shamed for looking and responding because that’s literally how you’re programmed by hormones from birth.

    Where did we as a society go so wrong that a bare nipple is “wrong” if it’s on one body, but not when it’s on another? How did we get to a place where its okay to talk about things like ED and Peyronie’s on TV commercials, but not about vaginal health?

    How do we all come together, men and women as one, and fix all this?

    • We normalize it.

      When the bikini was first introduced, it was scandalous to wear in public. How did it become acceptable? Women stopped worrying about what was in the minds of others, but doing what they wanted to do. They normalized the bikini by wearing a bikini regardless of any negative attitudes from others.

      Of course, topfreedom must take the same course. As more and more women go about topfree, society will begin to accept it as the norm. Europe has mostly gone this path for their beaches. How much longer before they move away from the beach and into the roads and streets?

      Men will always look at women. It does not matter the clothing or lack of clothing. We are programmed to do so. Culture will be how men react when looking. Yes a female naked body will get looked at, pointed to, smiled at, and perhaps critiqued upon. Once those bodies are commonplace, the pointing and critiquing will be less. It will never go away completely. Crude behavior will always be part of society. It is how society starts reacting to the crude behavior that will be advancement of society or not.

      • I think a lot of that is true, but there are way more laws here than Europe for sure. But I think the biggest part is that culture tell us to be ashamed, to cover our breasts, never show our butts, and definitely don’t show our hoo-hahs. I kinda think men have a bigger part to play here. Idk tho, I don’t know

            • Well, at least in theory you can be naked anywhere in Germany, as long as you don’t perform open sexual acts.
              But there is one law that limits it: Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernis, which roughly translates to offense of the public I think.
              It means that people can call in the cops when you are disturbing the people in general by your actions and you can get punished for that.
              Most younger people probably won’t care about you being nude, or at least won’t call on the cops, but elderly people will certainly do that. No matter where you are, there will always be some pensioner in Germany that is looking for people not doing whatever they should be doing. And that becomes your problem.

    • I have never been able to reconcile the view that breasts are just functional milk producers and shouldn’t be regarded as any else, and they are erotic and should be kept private. The fashion industry and especially the red carpet shows certainly proves that there is more than simple function.

      It is obvious that their use is both functional and sexual, and it is the sexual actions that should be kept private. This same logic can be expanded to all of our other parts. And I would look favorably to that view expanding. Topfreedom is a starting point in a long road.

        • Splitting hairs perhaps, but I think I’d have to disagree with one key word there: “only”.

          Men have always been attracted to women, and second only to genitalia, breasts are the best clue you’re looking at a woman. So it seems entirely expected that breasts would be—for lack of a more scientific term—sexy.

          But at the same time, I do think the lack of exposure (in either sense) and forbidden fruit aspect heightens that response significantly.

    • Amy, I found this site and literally joined because I liked your comment and if such good discussions were to be held here, I wanted to be a part of it.

      Separately, I love that on this site, there seems to be a good balance of nudity… and by that I mean, it’s not pornographic and it’s not nudist-prudish, it’s somewhere in between.

      • Thank you! I agree about the content here too, but even at resorts now things like semi-chubbies or full on erections are getting less stigmatized so things are changing , but yeah, there’s still a lot of prudes in the naturist scene

        • Hey, thanks for replying!

          Yeah, I’ve always had a gripe about nudist resorts or nudists in general having a problem with men with hard-ons. Like firstly, they’re not always sexual, they can occur for other reasons, but even if they are sexual, can we really blame them person for their body functioning as it should? Of course, he shouldn’t go flaunt it and poke everyone with it, that’s an entirely different story. I’m glad that things have changed a but.

          • Its not everywhere yet but lots of places now don’t make men cover if they get one, and think that’s absolutely the right thing to do. Like we’re encouraged to just be nude and if we’re glistening down there no one’s ever told us to cover up

            • Exactly! Or when your nipples are rock hard either, no one tells women to cover that. Like this is a case-in-point almost for our equality topic

                • Amy, I’d like to ask you, could you elaborate some more on what you meant earlier when you said “it’s not really for women the way things are in society right now” in the message below?

                  • Sure. The bit about bikinis that the poster was talking about only worked because it came after WW2 and times were different cause we were just coming out of a war and many men had their first real exposure to women after years of being at war so were more on board.

                    I’m trying not to be political, I really am, but society took a huge step back in the 70s somewhere and somehow, cause with the bikini thing, being able to show skin was something feminists wanted. Somehow that changed and feminists wanted the rest of us covered, and men started to too.

                    It took men AND women to make the bikini happen, and it too men and women to bring shame back in the 70s, so the way things are, I think it would take men and women to change things again.

                    • Hi Amy, thanks for explaining. You know, it’s actually sad that it takes a war to bring about positive change sometimes. I guess this world works on catalysts.

                      I agree that it takes men and women to do these things. It starts at family level and slowly progresses to national levels. But what we’re seeing is an attack of the family unit, an attempt to break down society.

                      By the way, I don’t think you’re being political at all, I don’t see your comments as such. I think – and this is completely just a theory – that the reason nudity in its natural form is being suppressed is because if it weren’t, then how would it be profited on? Normalizing nudity means calming sexuality, because the more exposed one is to nude settings, the less likely one is to be aroused by it. If this happened on greater levels, porn wouldn’t sell thay much anymore. In fact, people need to be shamed by nudity in order to be aroused by it. It’s weird how porn sites capitalize on this, because nudity becomes a forbidden fruit that becomes desirable because it’s dirty. I think this is why there’s an attack on good men and women who just want nude societies. But this is my own conspiracy theory

    • I think the problem came in when we started switching roles… Men became submissive and women became dominant. One might say this is misogynistic but I would argue that it’s purely natural. Dominance in males is what keeps many species in the animal kingdom alive (this is not an evolutionary comment). I think it’s the same for men as men are built to carry out a specific role and its requires a dominant mindset. Becoming submissive means they don’t stand up to the powers that be anymore. These powers have made us feel guilty to be in our human forms. Long ago, everyone went nude, early Christians, Greeks, Romans, you name it. This was just practical as people didn’t own much and you didn’t want to dirty clothes while doing manual work. Now you’d think that dominant women would correct this right? Well, as you’ve explained, it’s been taken too far, and I think it’s because it’s unnatural having such a system. Because, as you say, men, reacting on sight of nude women (we’re built to react on sight), are shamed by those women. When it was the other way around in antiquity, there was no shame. Again, one might think I’m being misogynistic, but that’s not my point. I don’t want power over anybody. Dominant men isn’t about having power over women either. It’s about stepping up to “The Powers That Be” and saying, “Screw you, we’re gonna be naked as God intended”. I hope I’m making sense, I might have not worded my thought process correctly

        • I’m glad my comment made sense. I get a lot gripe for my views, which I’m fine with, but it does mean I get misunderstood.

          Patriarchal systems have a lot to do with the protection of a society and its provision. It doesn’t have anything to do with power over women either. And seeing as we’ve started letting these systems go in favour of ultra-equality, we’ve actually ended up with an upside-down system that neither respects men nor women. I think Jordan Peterson will be able to illustrate this much better than I.

          But basically, the 60’s sexual revolution broke the world and it took out bodies and thinking and over-sexualised them, and those, reacting naturally, like a man looking at a woman’s breasts, became hated. Likewise, a naked woman was seen as loose or licentious and was called a slut for it. Like how did we go from family-oriented nudism in the 50’s to that just a decade later?

          • I always try to reply to comments left for me when I see them, cause it’s a community here and everyone lets me into this space even tho it’s kinda sorta not really for women the way things are in society right now.

            I have an answer to your question on how things shifted in the 60’s – feminism and the misguided attempts to replace men in mens roles in the family. Some of us took equality and decided what we wanted was kinda more of a matriarchy and tried to push men down for being men the way nature made you all, and push other women down who didn’t agree with them.

            • I also like to reply because I hate leaving conversations hanging in the air, and we’ve got a good topic here.

              I must say, this site has maintained a good approach to men and women, albeit being occupied mostly by men. It’s also managed to stay apolitical which I also see as good concerning current affairs. I feel like nudity is an answer to many problems. I do not believe in equality per se because I prefer to celebrate the differences between the genders, but if anything were to make us equal, in the most natural way, it would be nudity. And how would we argue politics in a naked world? Maybe our leaders might compare dick sizes but that’s a whole lot better than comparing nukes.

              I think your answer is very accurate. Matriarchal systems are very rare in nature, and it was definitely not intended for humans for the reasons you’ve mentioned above.

  8. Would anybody be interested in designing captions for my pictures? I have pictures but I can’t think of good captions for them

    Basically I could show you the picture and you could help suggest scenarios and captions

    • I could try it, but it may take some time and I am not that experienced with captions, so I don’t know how good they will be.

      Do you have discord? My ID is Chopper117#7034

  9. Can PN’s evade punishments?
    Imagine a punishment for a certain crime is to be given to a PN. Legally, the PN can choose between jail and PN. I assume that since they are already registered, they registration would just be extended if chosen. But they are probably gonna extend it already. Basically, they get no harm and practically no punishment.

    • This has rarely if ever come up in captions, but I mentioned on this blog a couple times that this could be one reason for the punishment-only bottomless status. Someone who’s already permanently naked could still get a bottomless sentence (overriding their previous status).

      • But would the voluntary registration be nullified or would it be postponed?

        Like, a person registered for 2 years, but after 1 year, they get a bottomless sentence of 1 year.

        After this 1-year-sentence, would the person have to complete the other year of their registration or would it be nullified?

        • My first inclination is that the bottomless sentence would replace an equal duration the voluntary registration. So in your example (assuming perfectly lined up years), they would be clothed again when the bottomless sentence ended. But if the original nude registration were for three years then they would revert to that for one year after the bottomless sentence ended.

          This is certainly the kind of fine point that some jurisdictions might handle differently though.

        • naw, the bottomless punishment is in lieu of a steep fine or jail time. Thus if a PN or previously bottomless sentence person is found guilty of a crime. the standard punishments would suffice – fines and/or jail.

  10. Recently, I was messing around in GIMP, and I learned something that could be used for mockups.
    Sadly, I don’t know how to properly explain how to do it, but here is an image to illustrate it: https://files.catbox.moe/0ang7i.jpg
    The best I can explain it is that it is a mix of things to get the effect. And the mix, you can pick & choose what parts to use.
    But anyways, the parts are:
    “Filters –> Distorts –> Video” applied to the main image,
    “The “Four Bars” gradient on a separate layer. Layer Mode: Grain Merge & Opacity set to your liking.”,
    and lastly, “Between the main image and the “Grain Merge” layer, use the same gradient, set this layer to “Hue”, adjust the opacity to your liking”.
    And again, you can pick and choose what parts you use to get the look that you want.

    • If you are going for the look of taking a photo of an old CRT TV tube, it might look good, but that effects simply hurts my eyes.

  11. Can we have an “out-of-topic” page, where we can discuss things that will interest us (you know, that kind of stuff) but isn’t necessarily related to NWO? And while on that, I found this YouTube channel that might interest y’all: https://youtube.com/@souldanceangel2856 Good (and original!) videos there. One has close to a million views! You can see how this would interest us but isn’t related. And personally, clutter in the regular discussion page isn’t that good. It is as simple as creating a post and pinning it to the navigation. So why not at least try it?

    ~ Dienw (Didn’t want to sign in today)

    • It would be easy enough to make another page like this (or even just a post to serve that purpose), but I can’t think of a way to keep the comments from showing in the recent comments lists, and those can already go pretty fast at times.

      What do other people think? Would you be bothered by off-topic comments in the recent list?

      In the mean time, if you wanted to join the Discord server, I do have a off-topic channel there.

      • My experience is once you start allowing off-topic, those conversations cross over to the rest of the site. People do not follow rules, nor do they color within the lines. They do not make the same distinction you might hope.

        Keep the Discord section for off-topic, and everyone will know what they have when they venture into that channel.

  12. Do you think that things like breast size, penis size, circumcision status, pubic hair preferences, labia size/type etc. create cliques or social hierarchies in permanude circles and communities?

    • someone’s period is when they end an sentence. It is punctuation.

      Google for the difference between a maxi pad and a tampon. Then come back when you are 18 years old.

      • Someone’s
        a sentence

        Anyway, I don’t think it’s a dumb question. Tampons are certainly the most obvious answer, but not all women like to use those. Menstrual cups are another option. There might be some limited exceptions for women who need a non-insertable option, especially if they could provide a doctor’s note to that effect, but they still wouldn’t be allowed to wear normal clothes. Unfortunately they’d probably be stuck with something like a pad with straps. Can’t really think of a better option.

    • Can you be more specific? Since you have an account you shouldn’t even be getting captchas when you comment. Where are you getting them and what are the symptoms of the problem?

      The only general suggestion I can make is that they do apparently expire (I haven’t figured out how to adjust this) so if you’ve had a page containing a captcha open for a while, to may be helpful to refresh the page to get a new one just before you try to solve it.

      • I’ve occasionally been asked to log in again when adding a comment to an “old” post accessed via the Random feature.

    • I would love to be able to save posts when logged in.

      Can you explain what you mean in more detail? Do you mean like a personal favorites list?

      And I was wondering about a collegecodeofconduct.com and NWO “Collab”.

      Doubtful, especially since they don’t seem active since last year. Although a few captions are somewhat inspired by that setting.

      • yeah something like that. a place where you can save your favourite posts or something like that. i believe there is a plugin called aeru or something made for this but i ain’t sure.

        • Alright. Well I’ll be honest, this is low priority, and I’ve been busy recently, but I can look into it eventually. Especially if anyone else thinks it’s a good idea.

          In the mean time, well there’s always browser bookmarks.

        • You seem to have some good ideas. Maybe u could start a blog or something and make some posts to go along with the theme?

          Are u on the discord?

      • Speak of the devil, their website is currently really slow right now.
        Look at me using a username for once, as opposed to anonymous. Here you go,
        “Josh F.”
        Berry is just the name of an author who’s book I happen to have on my desk.

        • Way to go Berry! It’s great to have an identity. That wasn’t so hard, was it.
          Was the author Wendell Berry? I lent a book he authored to someone and it was never returned.

  13. So, I decided to take down “Wakeboarding” due to the same picture having been used quite recently, as was pointed out in the comments (which are no longer visible since the whole post is gone). I put up another submission from AnonLotsOfNumbers instead.

    But speaking of comments, unfortunately I was never able to find a way to let people edit or delete their comments. I suppose I could make another check for a plug-in which would allow this, but last time I looked I found nothing satisfactory. So for now the only option is to reply to yourself and ask me to do it.

    • allowing users to edit their comments can lead to massive confusion, especially, if the edit trail is not visible to other users.

      User1 posts: All cats are evil.
      User2 posts: Not all cats.
      User1 edits: Some cats are evil.
      User1 replies to User2: I never said “all cats” – stop lying about what I wrote!

      As far as deleting posts goes, some users start a word fight. Once they realize they are outmatched, they delete their posts, and all the replies to it.

      I recommend leaving the simple system alone. Sure I make a typo here and there, too. No big deal.

    • If you mean this thread specifically, it has to be NudeWorldOrder answering yesterday’s pompous, pretentious post from “anonymously” with “Don’t worry, no one wants to be your friend.”

  14. Hi. This is a plea for those folks who choose to post as anonymous to please create an identity. Choose a name, any name will do. Tom, Dick, Harry, Sharon. It’s disconcerting to see so many posts by anonymous. Is it one person or 1500 different people? For what it’s worth, this internet board has survived for many years now (much thanks to our NWO host.) Believe it or not, a community of people has been created here. Be a part of it. All you have to do is use a name.

    • I agree it would be nice if more people used names. To be clear, this doesn’t require actually creating an account if you don’t want to; you can just type any name in the comment form. You can also enter an email address if you like. This won’t be public and needn’t even be real, but it will give you a unique random icon instead of default turquoise one.

      • Sorry, I just can’t help it but whenever I see the poster is “anonymous” I get visions of swivel-eyed conspiracy theorists wearing tin-foil hats to protect themselves against the 5g signal.

      • Womble is definitely not my real name my parents aren’t that daft but I find it better than being called anonymous

      • “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.” — Juliet

        Are you here to make friends with other who fantasize about a Nude World? Or are you here to fantasize about the naked women in the images living naked for all the world to see?

        If you selected the former, I really wish to remain anonymous to you. You you chose the latter, my name is unimportant.

        I really do not want the former trying to piece together a puzzle of who I am based on my postings here. Creepy.

        Thus, I use various “names” — rarely anonymous, but often anonymously. 🙂

            • Sounds like you’re the one spying on us.
              Here’s a suggestion for your name: Creepy.
              Quite true, no one wants to be your friend. Now that I know you, I’ll just skip over your posts. I’ve been doing that for years for certain people that I don’t feel have anything to say that it’s worth my time reading.

    • Yes I spent a few hours at a nude beach and am nude every moment that I can be today.
      I wish this holiday was well known and generally celebrated. I told a couple people at the beach that today was National Nude Day and they had no idea.

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