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  1. Would anybody be interested in designing captions for my pictures? I have pictures but I can’t think of good captions for them

    Basically I could show you the picture and you could help suggest scenarios and captions

    • I could try it, but it may take some time and I am not that experienced with captions, so I don’t know how good they will be.

      Do you have discord? My ID is Chopper117#7034

  2. Can PN’s evade punishments?
    Imagine a punishment for a certain crime is to be given to a PN. Legally, the PN can choose between jail and PN. I assume that since they are already registered, they registration would just be extended if chosen. But they are probably gonna extend it already. Basically, they get no harm and practically no punishment.

    • This has rarely if ever come up in captions, but I mentioned on this blog a couple times that this could be one reason for the punishment-only bottomless status. Someone who’s already permanently naked could still get a bottomless sentence (overriding their previous status).

      • But would the voluntary registration be nullified or would it be postponed?

        Like, a person registered for 2 years, but after 1 year, they get a bottomless sentence of 1 year.

        After this 1-year-sentence, would the person have to complete the other year of their registration or would it be nullified?

  3. Recently, I was messing around in GIMP, and I learned something that could be used for mockups.
    Sadly, I don’t know how to properly explain how to do it, but here is an image to illustrate it: https://files.catbox.moe/0ang7i.jpg
    The best I can explain it is that it is a mix of things to get the effect. And the mix, you can pick & choose what parts to use.
    But anyways, the parts are:
    “Filters –> Distorts –> Video” applied to the main image,
    “The “Four Bars” gradient on a separate layer. Layer Mode: Grain Merge & Opacity set to your liking.”,
    and lastly, “Between the main image and the “Grain Merge” layer, use the same gradient, set this layer to “Hue”, adjust the opacity to your liking”.
    And again, you can pick and choose what parts you use to get the look that you want.

    • If you are going for the look of taking a photo of an old CRT TV tube, it might look good, but that effects simply hurts my eyes.

  4. Can we have an “out-of-topic” page, where we can discuss things that will interest us (you know, that kind of stuff) but isn’t necessarily related to NWO? And while on that, I found this YouTube channel that might interest y’all: https://youtube.com/@souldanceangel2856 Good (and original!) videos there. One has close to a million views! You can see how this would interest us but isn’t related. And personally, clutter in the regular discussion page isn’t that good. It is as simple as creating a post and pinning it to the navigation. So why not at least try it?

    ~ Dienw (Didn’t want to sign in today)

    • It would be easy enough to make another page like this (or even just a post to serve that purpose), but I can’t think of a way to keep the comments from showing in the recent comments lists, and those can already go pretty fast at times.

      What do other people think? Would you be bothered by off-topic comments in the recent list?

      In the mean time, if you wanted to join the Discord server, I do have a off-topic channel there.

      • My experience is once you start allowing off-topic, those conversations cross over to the rest of the site. People do not follow rules, nor do they color within the lines. They do not make the same distinction you might hope.

        Keep the Discord section for off-topic, and everyone will know what they have when they venture into that channel.

  5. Do you think that things like breast size, penis size, circumcision status, pubic hair preferences, labia size/type etc. create cliques or social hierarchies in permanude circles and communities?

    • someone’s period is when they end an sentence. It is punctuation.

      Google for the difference between a maxi pad and a tampon. Then come back when you are 18 years old.

      • Someone’s
        a sentence

        Anyway, I don’t think it’s a dumb question. Tampons are certainly the most obvious answer, but not all women like to use those. Menstrual cups are another option. There might be some limited exceptions for women who need a non-insertable option, especially if they could provide a doctor’s note to that effect, but they still wouldn’t be allowed to wear normal clothes. Unfortunately they’d probably be stuck with something like a pad with straps. Can’t really think of a better option.

    • Can you be more specific? Since you have an account you shouldn’t even be getting captchas when you comment. Where are you getting them and what are the symptoms of the problem?

      The only general suggestion I can make is that they do apparently expire (I haven’t figured out how to adjust this) so if you’ve had a page containing a captcha open for a while, to may be helpful to refresh the page to get a new one just before you try to solve it.

      • I’ve occasionally been asked to log in again when adding a comment to an “old” post accessed via the Random feature.

    • I would love to be able to save posts when logged in.

      Can you explain what you mean in more detail? Do you mean like a personal favorites list?

      And I was wondering about a collegecodeofconduct.com and NWO “Collab”.

      Doubtful, especially since they don’t seem active since last year. Although a few captions are somewhat inspired by that setting.

      • yeah something like that. a place where you can save your favourite posts or something like that. i believe there is a plugin called aeru or something made for this but i ain’t sure.

        • Alright. Well I’ll be honest, this is low priority, and I’ve been busy recently, but I can look into it eventually. Especially if anyone else thinks it’s a good idea.

          In the mean time, well there’s always browser bookmarks.

        • You seem to have some good ideas. Maybe u could start a blog or something and make some posts to go along with the theme?

          Are u on the discord?

      • Speak of the devil, their website is currently really slow right now.
        Look at me using a username for once, as opposed to anonymous. Here you go,
        “Josh F.”
        Berry is just the name of an author who’s book I happen to have on my desk.

        • Way to go Berry! It’s great to have an identity. That wasn’t so hard, was it.
          Was the author Wendell Berry? I lent a book he authored to someone and it was never returned.

  6. So, I decided to take down “Wakeboarding” due to the same picture having been used quite recently, as was pointed out in the comments (which are no longer visible since the whole post is gone). I put up another submission from AnonLotsOfNumbers instead.

    But speaking of comments, unfortunately I was never able to find a way to let people edit or delete their comments. I suppose I could make another check for a plug-in which would allow this, but last time I looked I found nothing satisfactory. So for now the only option is to reply to yourself and ask me to do it.

    • allowing users to edit their comments can lead to massive confusion, especially, if the edit trail is not visible to other users.

      User1 posts: All cats are evil.
      User2 posts: Not all cats.
      User1 edits: Some cats are evil.
      User1 replies to User2: I never said “all cats” – stop lying about what I wrote!

      As far as deleting posts goes, some users start a word fight. Once they realize they are outmatched, they delete their posts, and all the replies to it.

      I recommend leaving the simple system alone. Sure I make a typo here and there, too. No big deal.

    • If you mean this thread specifically, it has to be NudeWorldOrder answering yesterday’s pompous, pretentious post from “anonymously” with “Don’t worry, no one wants to be your friend.”

  7. Hi. This is a plea for those folks who choose to post as anonymous to please create an identity. Choose a name, any name will do. Tom, Dick, Harry, Sharon. It’s disconcerting to see so many posts by anonymous. Is it one person or 1500 different people? For what it’s worth, this internet board has survived for many years now (much thanks to our NWO host.) Believe it or not, a community of people has been created here. Be a part of it. All you have to do is use a name.

    • I agree it would be nice if more people used names. To be clear, this doesn’t require actually creating an account if you don’t want to; you can just type any name in the comment form. You can also enter an email address if you like. This won’t be public and needn’t even be real, but it will give you a unique random icon instead of default turquoise one.

      • Sorry, I just can’t help it but whenever I see the poster is “anonymous” I get visions of swivel-eyed conspiracy theorists wearing tin-foil hats to protect themselves against the 5g signal.

      • Womble is definitely not my real name my parents aren’t that daft but I find it better than being called anonymous

      • “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.” — Juliet

        Are you here to make friends with other who fantasize about a Nude World? Or are you here to fantasize about the naked women in the images living naked for all the world to see?

        If you selected the former, I really wish to remain anonymous to you. You you chose the latter, my name is unimportant.

        I really do not want the former trying to piece together a puzzle of who I am based on my postings here. Creepy.

        Thus, I use various “names” — rarely anonymous, but often anonymously. 🙂

            • Sounds like you’re the one spying on us.
              Here’s a suggestion for your name: Creepy.
              Quite true, no one wants to be your friend. Now that I know you, I’ll just skip over your posts. I’ve been doing that for years for certain people that I don’t feel have anything to say that it’s worth my time reading.

    • Yes I spent a few hours at a nude beach and am nude every moment that I can be today.
      I wish this holiday was well known and generally celebrated. I told a couple people at the beach that today was National Nude Day and they had no idea.

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