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What it says on the tin. But needless to say, permanently naked costumes tend to be minimalist.

PN Halloween Costume

I came across this really strange Halloween “costume”. It seemed to be a very popular choice this year, since this was the only one left on the shelf. Given that this “costume” doesn’t involve any clothing, I was curious what could possibly be in the package worth $30… so I bought it.

It turns out the package contains post-dated PN registration paperwork set to start October 31 at 6:00pm and last 3 months (the minimum term in my state). This explains the costume’s popularity, since $30 is a hefty discount compared to the government’s $150 fee.

Although I only bought the costume to see what’s inside, I must admit that I’m tempted to give it a try this year. I’ve even gone as far as to fill out and even sign the paperwork, although it’s still sitting on my kitchen counter, just begging to be mailed in. But I probably won’t go through with it. My slutty nurse costume is daring enough for me.

I should probably throw away the paperwork before I do something stupid… oh shit! Where is it? No! My roommate must have taken it to the post office this morning with her mail! This is bad…

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