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Naked sports. Can include other physical activities that aren’t exactly sports, like exercise.


Mark made the allegation that after a particularly rough defeat against South Hills, our entire volleyball team got a three-week nude punishment for “motivational purposes” but I wasn’t sure, so I got to thinking. If everyone on the volleyball team is nude, then that must mean that if a girl isn’t nude, then she must not be a member of the volleyball team. Now, if I see a girl on the volleyball team who is nude, then that would provide evidence that Mark isn’t bullshitting me.

Last night at dinner I saw that that my sister – an outside hitter on the team – was nude; this ordinarily would have provided strong supporting evidence for Mark’s claim, but our parents are pretty lax about that sort of thing so I didn’t make anything of it. In the past couple hours I’ve spoken to a dozen or so girls, around half or so of whom were topless courtesy of a rough chemistry test last week, but no nude girls, and no volleyball players. But all the girls to whom I’ve spoken that were neither nude nor on the volleyball team reinforce the idea that if a girl isn’t nude then she isn’t on the volleyball team, which is logically the same as the entire team having gotten that three-week nude punishment.

I’m starting to think that Mark is right, even though I’ve yet to see any more volleyball players. Is he right?

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