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Nude World Order is a world much like our own, with one key difference. Sometime during the noughties (00’s) the “New Laws” swept the world. Under the New Laws, a legal punishment of forced nudity introduced as an alternative to prison. People could also register for this voluntarily if they wanted to live naked. Either way, they are prohibited from wearing clothes except when necessary for safety or cold weather, but conversely they can go anywhere naked without fear of arrest. In fact, discrimination against such people is illegal. It would for instance be perfectly OK for them to enter any place of business open to the public. And if they applied for a job there, officially at least, they could not be rejected for that reason. Employers can favor naked people however, even to the extent of hiring them exclusively. Since anyone can register if they want to, this is not considered discrimination.

These people are said to be “Permanently Naked”, although this is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not really permanent, it lasts for however long they register for in voluntary cases (typically 1 or 2 years minimum, up to 10 years maximum) or a length set by statute in case of a legal punishment.

While “Permanently Nudity” is the most common form, variations exist. Someone could also be “Permanently Bottomless”, which means they can’t cover their ass or genitals but must wear a top (even if male). As above they can still go anywhere like that. This category was created due to the somewhat unexpected number of people who choose to register Permanently Naked voluntarily. The authorities wanted something that was unambiguously a punishment. And so it is, you can’t register Permanently Bottomless voluntarily. Additionally, a Permanently Bottomless person might be required to explain what they’re being punished for if asked. Many states also allow women to voluntarily register Permanently Topless, which as you’d expect, means they can’t cover their breasts. As in our would, a few places also allow women to go topless any time they want, without paperwork. This might come up from time to time as well. With all the other nudity, it’s a bit more accepted than you might be used to. Voluntary registration must be completed in person at a court (or perhaps in larger urban centers, a dedicated government office) to prevent fraudulent registrations in someone else’s name.

Non-judicial forced nudity was legalized in certain cases as well. Parents can punish a dependent child (even a legal adult) by taking away their clothes. Schools have this authority over students too. Technically this isn’t the same as being registered permanently naked, but the effects are much the same. They can’t wear clothes, but they can go out in public without them. Parents and schools have more flexibility on this. Rather than lasting a specific length of time, the nudity lasts for however long they say it does, or until the student or dependence relationship no longer exists. They can also get more creative with restrictions if they want. For example a school could ban their students from wearing underwear, or punish the unruly by restricting how many square inches of clothe they could wear, whether or not that was enough to remain decent. Or parents could punish their daughter by making her expose one breast for a week; or go bottomless, but only when she leaves the house. Although “forced” officially, this power isn’t always used as a punishment. There’s nothing stopping parents “making” their child go naked because the child actually wants to. And schools often use this for educational purposes as well. For example they might require students to attend a health or biology class in the nude, or use nudity in an effort to promote self esteem and confidence.

For quick reference, here’s a glossary of some other “Nude World Order” terminology.

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Most of you probably remember me from Tumblr. This is my new home.

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