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  1. A clothing boutique with a nude staff? Sounds like fun but would you really buy clothes from women who don’t wear clothes? I’m reminded of the phrase, ” never trust a skinny cook”

    • I’ve noted here before that trendy daring fashion would get a lot of women wanting it but afraid of showing to much. Next to a naked staff it would seem more reasonable.
      Much like when Wendy’s put their triple on the menu, sales of their double nearly doubled. They didn’t have to sell any triples to increase sales.

  2. As for Smart or Crazy?…

    I’d say crazy smart! She belongs to be naked. She’s saving money by not wasting it on (unnecessary) clothes. She has a great job by being naked.

    Her friends need to pick up on this and register also.

  3. Acting like it is a big deal.

    Hello??? After all this time, everyone’s been naked at least once in life. Nudity is just another way of being dressed 🙂

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