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  1. The jacket covers too much.
    Definitely lose the heels. A better choice for footwear (if/when you must wear any) is sandals.
    Totally bare is always best.

  2. Was this picture used in a classic NWO post?
    Picture looks familiar but I sort of remember a caption about travel going with it.

  3. Yes, fishnets would be a better choice with those heels than the fishnets.

    Accessories like heels jewelry and thigh high stockings complement the naked body nicely. Stick to those items

  4. The high heels are good because they make a woman walk sexy, but the jacket covers too much of the breasts and is therefore not acceptable.

  5. Looks like the fashion industry must’ve lobbied for PNs’ to be able to wear clothes fearful of how much money they’ll lose in sales if people go naked. Don’t fall for it. Get yourself a pair of sensible flat shoes if you need to protect your feet and dump the rest. “Nothing above the ankle” should be your watchword.

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