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  1. This is one of the best photos this year and it fits this website so well. It’s too bad the comments had to lead into this horrible fight. I propose enough is enough.

    • Indeed. I’m sorry things panned out as they did, there was no malice in my original comment and I certainly didn’t mean anyone any harm. The reaction to it absolutely knocked me sideways and very little shocks me these days, but there you go, live and learn…

    • Maybe back in the 20th Century, but nowadays who knows? Could be that the one with the penis is the only woman in the picture and the rest are all men!! *** In view of the somewhat intemperate reaction to this comment just to clarify this is actually a trans-POSITIVE statement acknowledging people’s right to identify as they wish. The models may identify as something different to what we may think from what we see***

        • You’re way off beam. I’m recognising the fact that people have a right to identify themselves however they want these days, something which wasn’t true in the last century, so you don’t always see what you think you see. You should withdraw your scandalous insulting remarks and apologize.

          • Sure, it’s possible one at least one of those people is a freshly hatched trans man still deep in the closet or a stealth trans woman, but that’s statistically unlikely compared to them all just being cis. When trans people transition, they change their presentation and bodies too. They do not look like cis people of their agab. Just randomly saying “Hey maybe some of those naked women are actually MEN” is not the accepting message you think it is. At best it is misgendering and at worst it is announcing you mistakenly think all trans people don’t pass.

            So maybe you should quit masking your bigotry behind that thin veil of acceptance. Everyone can see through it. Everyone knows what you really mean. Transgender people weren’t even relevant to the picture you obsessed coomer, you just came in here frothing at the mouth over them when there probably aren’t even any in the picture. Go make obsessing over nonexistent trans people your whole personality on twitter instead, I promise you’ll fit in perfect over there.

          • People have the right to identify as a Moonbeam, too. Just because they do that does not mean I have to participate in their delusion. Gender dysphoria is. mental illness, and you do not help the mental ill by agreeing with their delusions.

            A birthing-person is a female.
            A penis bearing person is a male.

            Follow the science, not the mob or today’s fads

            • OK, see, that? That is transphobic. I think the other person going off about this did cross a line, but frankly it’s upsetting to go on a website I enjoy and see people openly calling people like me delusional.

              • I know you’re not delusional given the issues I went through reaching puberty in the the early 1970’s. It’s very real indeed. I was quite effeminate and didn’t identify at all with the male stereotype we were supposed to conform with back then. Consequently I was regarded as a rank homosexual and bullied for it. But I always knew I was attracted to women and wanted to get married and have a family so it seemed somehow counter intuitive to cut off the bits I could make babies with and live as a gay woman. What really swung it for me was the way I saw women being treated in the 1960’s and 70’s, the put downs, the innuendos, the unwanted touching. I just couldn’t stand the thought of that happening to me so l sold out to my male privelege. I occasionally have the odd identity crisis but I was schooled by parents who went through World War 2 to keep calm and carry on. As my late Mom said to me, you make your own bed and have to lie in it.

      • How hard did one have to look to find the penis in this picture? Just saying. Maybe enjoy the ladies a little more and look for dicks elsewhere…

        • Tell me about it. If someone else hadn’t pointed it out first I would never have spotted that in a month of Sundays. I wish I’d never set eyes on the bloody thing!

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