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    • Well it’s a repost from the tumblr days—that’s what (classic) means—so if you were with me back then you may have seen it before. But if you mean there are two copies on the current blog, that’s an error. I wasn’t able to find another, but it’s getting hard with this many images.

  1. No imagination. Purely research into Perma Nude Culture. You can find stuff on the net. PN people when registering or getting a long naked sentence must remove all clothes from their home. Depending on how they registered they may be able to keep footwear. Also, certain jobs require special garments for safety or public recognition. PN people wear those only when on the job.

    • your imagination is running wild.

      This website’s PN is not the “Perma Nude Culture” you think it is. This website is about NWO’s version of that. Here, you keep your clothes. Read some memes here. Some PN dare to try to cover up… with their old clothes. No one takes away their old clothes. Rather it is a temptation for some who will find out they may get an increased sentence for wearing their own clothes after registering.

      • Although I’m mildly offended at calling the captioned images memes, you are exactly right. It’s probably common for people who register voluntarily to dispose of their clothes, but there’s no requirement to do so. I could see a court imposing a ban on owning clothes on people who prove they can’t be trusted to comply maybe, but it’s not a routine part of being permanently naked.

  2. actually PNs don’t own clothes. There’s gootta be a clause offering a grace period to buy clothes if you don’t plan on renewing you PN license.

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