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    • I actually considered that. Obviously “magical girls” are not part of the the NWO universe, but it does mention nude sentences, which sounds like my setting, so I decided the best way to look at it might be as in-universe media.

    • yes, it is.

      There still exists between what is legal and what is right.
      Also, there is room between what is right and what is wise.

  1. The characters of this show (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) are supposed to be 14 years old, so I assume this is a BIG red flag and it’d better if it was deleted.

    Checked it and some of them are 13, so yeah..

      • huh? So, if this were an image of real people, you’d be okay with showing CP, just as long as it was old CP? Really? Wow!

        Cartoon characters generally do not age. Bart Simpson is still going to the same school he’s always has gone to. How many years has that TV cartoon been on the air? That does not make Bart or Lisa acceptable content for CP depiction, imho

          • CP = child porn

            Your original post stated that the characters aged to adulthood after the illustration was made; therefore, we should be fine with the illustration being they are now adults.

            I compared that to real children being photographed, but aging to adulthood. Does that make the original photograph okay in your mind? That’s the logic I saw from your post.

            • Good God Cato! That’s probably the exact OPPOSITE of what I was trying to say! I took it as the characters had NATURALLY aged to adulthood BEFORE reprising their roles for an illustration that had been created ELEVEN years later in 2022!

              As for implying that I would approve of child pornography in any way, shape or form well I’m absolutely flabbergasted! You’re not just barking up the wrong tree you’re not even in the right forest!

              Let’s get this right. I’m imagining characters that have ALREADY AGED TO ADULTHOOD as opposed to photoshopped pictures of children. Photographing children in that way is WRONG under ANY circumstances imho.

  2. Hmm, when I it comes to anime pics I usually just assume if they’ve got boobs it’s OK, don’t know that characters or anything… Anyone else think I need need to slap the anime age warning on this one?

  3. Bruh, pretty sure they’re underaged in the court of public opinion (the only one that really counts at the end of the day, and I’m too lazy to argue with canon/fanon, whether aged up is involved or not, or any of that other technical stuff).

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