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  1. Not to ruin anybody’s fun, but I can’t help but think that if the roles were reversed and a man displayed his nude body to get the attention of a woman…shit would hit the fan. Just saying.

    • It’s all going to be about “power relationships”. A naked woman in a window is hardly going to frighten a man but a naked man showing himself to a woman this way is a form of sexual assault. It could be seen as an indication he is threatening to rape her, especially if he displays an erection.

      • Agreed. I’m a woman and a man flashing himself at me would be scary. By contrast I imagine most men would offer me folded dollar bills if I did the same.

      • I shouldn’t think a naked guy in a window across the street is particularly frightening, but I’m sure you’re right that the average woman is much likely to be pleased to see it than a man in the reverse scenario.

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