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    • Don’t say that to the guy of the photo. If you read the story behind his punishment below, you will really feel sorry about him. lol

  1. Friday morning: The nightmare begins

    Last Friday seemed to be a normal day of my life. I woke up at 7:00 in the morning and I got prepared to get to my work. As usual, I had a 20 minutes drive before arriving at the premises of the company I am working for. I usually take the public transport but this morning, I don’t know why, I decided to drive to work by car. Unexpectedly, although it was 7:40 am, there was almost no traffic at the streets, and at some point, without realizing it, I exceeded the speed limit of the city center. I was driving by 54 kph with a speed limit of 50. A police car was at the next corner of the street and they signaled me to stop at the right side of the road.

    Good morning sir, police officer said.
    Good morning, I replied.
    Can I have your papers please?
    Sure, I said, and I gave my driving license.
    You are driving by 54 kph. You exceeded the speed limit and we have to impose you a fine of 20 USD.
    I am sorry for that, but I didn’t realize it. It was just 4 kph. Not a big deal.
    Seriously? He asked me angrily. Just 4 kph? Ok Mr, if you think it is not a big deal, go to the court and explain it to the judge.

    So instead of imposing the fine, the police officer prepared the paper for the court and submitted it electronically into the system. For such misdemeanor cases, of low significance, the person should appear to the court the next working day, that was next Monday for my case. A lawyer is not required in such cases. I continued frustrated my drive to my work, but without even expecting the nightmare that would follow.

    I finished my work in the afternoon and I drove back home. After I finished my lunch, I did my favorite habit. I opened my tablet to read the daily news. While I was scrolling down, I read a very strange news. The city council was thinking to implement Permanent Nudity as a way of punishment. The subject was proposed for discussion by a city councilor. At this point I have to mention something about the city law. Every proposal for discussion and voting should have at least the signature of 1o councilors in order to be raised for discussion. Exceptionally, every councilor has the right to raise one point for discussion without any other signature once during the 4-years service. Consequently the proposal for the PN punishment would be discussed in the forthcoming meeting, which was on Saturday morning. I shut down my tablet and I laughed at this news. Stupid people, I said to my self. What did he have in mind when he raised this as point of discussion? What does he expect to happen? Does he ever expect to set nudity as a way of punishment?

    At night, I went to sleep without even thinking about that silly news that I read. I only felt a little bit anxious about the forthcoming court. But I shouldn’t be. I just have to be there on Monday morning, I will pay a small fine and that’s it.

    Saturday morning: The big surprise

    On Saturday morning I woke up and I got prepared for the weekend. Some shopping, supermarket etc. Last week was a difficult week at work and I had to rest a little bit during weekend. While I was following my routine, in the conference room of the town hall, the points of the daily agenda were discussed. The first issue to be discussed, was the proposal for PN punishment. As it was expected, there were many objections and arguments by most of the city councilors. Despite that, there were 2-3 more councilors that found the idea interesting, and that it was worth to at least try it. In order to avoid additional conflicts and to save time for more urgent matters of the agenda, the majority of the council took a strange decision. They would impose a PN punishment to one guy or girl, for one year as a test and they would discuss again the issue after one year. With this decision, they stopped the discussion about this point and they made sure that it wouldn’t be discussed again for the next one year. The choice of the person would be done randomly, among the forthcoming courts. No nature of crime was clarified. It could be for any person that was found guilty for whatever reason.

    Monday morning: The court day

    It was already Monday and I woke up earlier than usual because I had to appear to the court. It was a routine process, but I had to be there before 7:30 to get informed about the exact time of my turn. I put 50 USD in my wallet and I left home, since the highest fine for such cases is only 20 USD.I was not anxious about the money but more about the time I should spend. I had informed my company about it, but I didn’t want to be too late.
    Meanwhile, already from 7:00 am, at the town hall, the civil clerks were taking care of Saturday city council’s decisions and sent the related correspondence to the interested parties. One of them sent an email to the courts, that a guy or girl should be chosen for one year of PN punishment. Mistakenly, the email was sent with a red flag, meaning with high importance, and it should be executed immediately. There was no direction regarding the nature of the crime. The only thing that should be taken into consideration was the certainty of guilt. The judge should be 100% sure for the accusation, so that the convicted person wouldn’t appeal to the decision.
    As soon as the secretariat of the city court received the red flagged email, they immediately forwarded it to the judges, emphasizing that it was sent with high importance and that action should be taken immediately, meaning that the PN punishment should be imposed today to the eligible person.
    When I arrived, there were many people waiting their turn but most of the trials were suspended and postponed. The lawyers of the city began a strike for 24 hours. As a result only cases that a lawyer was not mandatory would be forwarded.
    I was the very first in the line and I would enter the court at 08:00 am. I regarded it as a big luck because I would end soon, I would pay my fine and I could go to work after. I couldn’t even think what would happen next.

    It was already 08:00 and I entered the courtroom. I heard my name and I walked forward.

    Hello Mr…, the judge said.
    Good morning, I replied.
    As I read here, you were driving in the city center by 54 kph. The police officer took photos of your car, your driving license, your ID card and one photo of your face when he stopped you at the street.
    Since I am entitled to find one person for PN punishment as soon as possible, and since most of the trials today were suspended, I would kindly ask you to give all your clothes and your shoes to the police officer.
    But your honor it was just 4 kph, I mumbled….
    I know, but I want to make sure that I will find the PN person today. I continue… You are not allowed to wear any kind of clothing, underwear, socks or shoes for the next one year. You are also not allowed to use any kind of fabric or towel to cover any part of your body. You are not allowed to use your car in the city. You should only use the public transport for all your movements inside the city. As a PN, a free pass to public transport is granted to you, as a result of your car seizure. The decision comes into force as of now. As I said, you are asked to give all your clothes to the police officer. You will be given a paper by the court, as a proof that you are convicted to 1 year of PN punishment. You will present it to everyone who wants to treat you differently because of your nudity. Your employer cannot neither fire you during this 1-year period nor change your salary or your position. No shop or establishment can prevent you from entering or deny to service you. The meeting is over. Who is next?

    In a state of shock I was lead by the police officer outside the courtroom, in a nearby office to give all my clothes. I started mechanically getting stripped. I had a terrible headache and I couldn’t even think about the whole situation. As soon an I was stark naked, I was lead outside the building. I was already naked at street. My new life for the next one year just begun. People around me were looking at my naked body. A group of young boys and girls took photos. I walked to the nearest subway station. The only positive thing is that it was a sunny day and the temperature was already 25C (77F)

    I reached the subway station and I entered the train. It was just now that I started realizing my situation. Now, I have to be naked for the next one year. How can this really happen? Why did they do this to me? What will I say to my parents, my relatives, my friends, my colleagues and my neighbors? Why did they choose me out of 1000 people? Why am I so unlucky?

  2. FYI, Urban Nudist decided to resubmit this with a new caption to make the city’s actions more reasonable. I have to agree, that’s much less unfair, though I’m sure he still feels pretty unlucky!

    • I also agree. I don’t know still if the naked punishment is reasonable for that case, but at least there is a reason behind it. I don’t think that this makes the naked guy of the photo feel better. He is still more than unhappy, he feels pretty unlucky and he still believes that he has been treated extremely strictly and unfairly.

  3. The idea that the city council would impose a criminal penalty on a randomly selected person doesn’t reflect well on your local government, I must say.

    • It is not a penalty yet. It is just an experiment of the behaviour of people against PN. Almost no-one cares if the criteria of the choice are fair or not, except for the unlucky guy who has to live the entire next year totally naked

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