Got a great idea for a captioned pic? Here’s where you can submit it. If this is your first time, I’ll be gentle 😉 but also you might want to read the instructions below the form. You can supply the caption separately as text, or put it on the picture yourself. If the intend to do the latter, you might find this tutorial helpful.

If you have multiple pre-captioned pictures, here’s better form to use for that.

    Please use a real email account that you actually check. This is only so I can contact you about your submission if there's a problem or I need clarification.

    This means the picture is original content showing you or someone you know. Please do not send personal pictures of someone else without their permission.

    Tips for good submissions:

    1. No explicit sex acts.
    2. A caption is required. At minimum give me an idea to get me started.
    3. You might want to read the About page to understand the setting better first.
    4. Please be aware of space requirements. I can’t put a long caption on a tiny pic.
    5. If possible, avoid text on top of the main subject (the naked person).
    6. Please don’t write in 2nd person, i.e. addressed to the reader (“you, your”).

    Also note that when you submit this form, it will reappear. Look for a confirmation message just below the Send button.

    Lastly, if you prefer, you can submit pictures by email to email address instead.

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