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  1. Curious…

    If PN was legal, how many of you would let your wife, partner, girlfriend, of age daughter register?

    And how many of you would you encourage them to?

  2. Does anyone know of sites similar to this, that also provide a collection of images about permanent nudity with captions?

  3. “Note: Comments are mostly uncensored and not necessarily endorced by the site owner.”

    Very smart inclusion, I’m glad to see this added to the site. It clears up a lot of confusion and explains your stance perfectly. BTW: Not to be a jerk, but it’s actually “endorsed” with an S, just so you know.

  4. Should it be possible for people to register to give up all their privacy?
    I mean, PNs still close the door to their rooms and they mostly sleep with blankets. This gives them some privacy.
    What would you think about a registering option that excludes not only clothes, but privacy in general?

    • Kinda reminds me of a French TV series where a man wakes up from a coma and ends up getting a culture shock since France banned of clothes and covering to “protect the people” during his coma. It kinda had that you have nothing to hide so no need for clothes or privacy to the series setting.

    • I certainly wouldn’t want people seeing me while sitting on the toilet or having a medical examination even if I’m naked 24/7/365

    • I guess it’s a somewhat interesting idea, but I’m not exactly sure why registration would be needed. There have already been various captions about permanudes voluntarily doing things like switching to showering outdoors, giving up blankets, or taking down curtains.

      • Yes, kind of makes sense to me.

        I thought about registering for it to make it more official and give it a stronger meaning. Giving up privacy completely is not a small change as shown in other answers, for example regarding the use of the toilet. So doing it without registration will lead to people just changing that on a daily basis.

  5. I think the comments on this site may need stronger moderation. I’ve seen a number of very septic conversations, including both racism and support for IRL incest, as well as virulent transphobia in the comments of the only pic that featured someone like me. What proliferates tends not to be what the majority supports, but what the majority is willing to tolerate, and the presence of comments like that, or the body-shamings from a few months ago are litmus tests for what the community is willing to tolerate. Do we want to drive away people who are understandably not entertained by this shit, or do we want to have a backbone and decide that racism and incest aren’t welcome here?

    • Racism is not cool, and inc*st is a common fantasy for some but if they support it IRL that’s a big red flag. Everyone’s gonna have an opinion on transgenderism tho, and honestly the jury’s still out on if it’s even real or not. I don’t think I’ve seen outright hate on here for that just people who don’t wanna see it, and you kinda have to expect that. I mean, you do you and all, it’s a free country, but I don’t think you can expect everyone to be cool with something we just don’t understand.

    • For my money, racism in any form is unacceptable and should be removed. End of. I suspect some folk post the incest stuff just to provoke a reaction and find the objections of others amusing. I don’t recall seeing any overtly transphobic comments on here – though, as always, I stand to be corrected- it’s just that the majority of folk who frequent this site don’t do so in order to look at penises and a tiny minority of these feel the need to raise an objection instead of live and let live.

      • Exactly. Just cause some people say they don’t wanna see it doesn’t make it hate. I think you put it better than me 🙂

      • In a NWO world, do those folks really think only beautiful woman would be PNs?

        There would be men naked as well, you gotta be a huge snowflake to see a problem with that here. Seeing a penis won’t make you gay.

    • To be fair, I think I’ve only seen racist comment hear once. It’s pretty easy just to ignore it as a troll.

      I think there are more comments from people complaining about any caption that shows a penis than there are from bigots.

      • Speaking as a woman I totally don’t mind seeing penises, snicker 😛

        But I gotta say that I like them best when they’re floppy, cause while hard ones kinda sorta look the same, when they start out floppy you still don’t really know how they’re gonna get, and at 34 I still giggle inside my head when I’ve turned one from a softie into a stiffie cause, like you know, it means I did that to him, lol!

  6. Consent should still be a big part of the PN world you shouldn’t feel that you can go up to a naked person and touch them without asking them permission

    • You are right, consents must still be required.

      But I would prefer it to be able to register for allowed touching, or register on a way that allows certain people to touch you. So you would still give your consent during registration, but you don’t have to repeat it over and over again.

      • and exactly how would that work? Consent is such a intangible thing easily given easily taken away.

        • I think PNs should expect to be touched as the norm. People used to hug more and touch more years ago without any of it being sexual in nature. Waitresses would be patted on the butt, people would squish boobs to say how much they’d grown or how full they looked.

          I think the rule should be PN means free to touch, but not in a sexual way. No trying to touch the vajayjay or digtally penetrate anyone.

          • Hey unrelated but did u say last winter that u were interested in bodypaint stuff in New York city?

          • I think this is the perfect balance. No penetration and no masturbation-like touching but other than that it’s all good. Naked hugs feel so nice. If you add butt patting and boob squisihing that’s a win! I can’t disagree with that 🙂

        • I can give people permission to touch me. Or it could be a bit more official, like a digital list of people allowed to touch you, or wearing a special item to signal it to everyone.

          I would allow all my friends everything.

      • I’ve been reading a story called Teacher by DBSKR123 where they live in a world where humiliation is used as a punishment and they wear electronic bracelets that change colour if you commit a crime Grey for normal, white for underwear, green for bottomless, red for topless, yellow for completely naked, blue for forced sexual use without consent.

            • Well, despite the interesting premise I’m afraid it went off the rails for my taste pretty fast. As soon as it got the incestuous masturbation part… hot if you’re into that kind of thing no doubt but it kinda wrecked my suspension of disbelief.

                • Being forced to be naked around people you wouldn’t normally be naked around does have it’s draw tho, like I can’t imagine anything more uncomfy than HAVING to be naked around a parent or sibling, so there’s that. It’s just the sexual stuff around all that in the story (I got as far as the J/O and went NOPE) really crosses the boundaries of right and wrong for most people, and for pretty good reason. Inbreeding is bad whatever way you look at it, and so is sexualizing children. There’s a difference between having a crush on an uncle or stepdad who isn’t really related to you (that can be kinda hot, and I don’t think that’s wrong on any level as long as everyone is of age and they both really really want to go there) and actual family, which is just icky and all kinds of wrong for a billion reasons, lol!

        • The band thing is an interesting idea, but the rest of it is not something I’d be into or condone. But fantasy is fantasy and everyone is different, so each to their own. Not gonna judge. I just know it would be a literal horror story for me if I was her.

          • I’m a asexual man with a touch phobia if I had the band turn blue I’d probably run and hide in a cave up in the mountains

            Too me all this story is is a fictional amateur written fantasy some of it creeps me out also especially when they loose their name (Nona’s) and all rights of who they are and everything becomes game of what happens to them

            • I didn’t get that far, I got to the “family” part and I clicked off cause that’s a hard nope for me. But like I said, each to their own as long as they don’t carry that into the real world.

    • Probably men. When I’ve gone topfree in the real world, so many men deliberately avert their eyes

      • Well, I guess on the other hand, having a erection in public, and being unable to do anything about it, can also be quite humiliating for men who get a nude sentence….

        • When do men get erections? When they perceive that they may have sex. When a clothed man is in public, how often does he have an erection when he isn’t about to have sex? I would say it happens almost never. Now switch to a nude man in the NWO universe. Is he suddenly going to sprout an erection? It’s more an urban myth than reality.

          • Well, I don’t know about you, but as a man, i have gotten erections quite frequently while I was outside. Guess it would also happen if I saw naked women a lot in public, eventhough there will be some getting used to….

          • It happens in the nudist world, and it’s not always sexual. If a guy gets nervous he can sprout one. There’s been a change over the last 10 years where not all places demand men cover or hide them anymore, and I think that helps destigmatize it for them. From a woman’s perspective, I can say we don’t really see errections as a turn on unless we’re already thinking sex, so I’m all for men feeling less shame around their bodies.

        • Not as often as I’d like, but I do go for nude walks when its really hot out if the place is secluded enough. But I know it’s easier for me than a lot of women cause I’m part of the IBTC, lol!

      • It’s hard to get the balance right.

        We want to look at those boobies but if we stare too much, it gets creepy and girls will feel uncomfortable and they will cover up. If we don’t look then they might feel safer but then we couldn’t enjoy the sight. And if the girls wanted some attention, but not too much, just some kind of confirmation that they’re cool and brave (and pretty!), then not looking at all will be disappointing to both sides of the story…

        Not sure what’s the best course of action here…

  7. admin is there any particular reason on why you don’t like the concept of lifetime registrations/sentences?

    Please do not take the question badly, it’s just a curiosity

    • To me it just feels like making the scenario more extreme for the sake of being extreme and doesn’t add anything positive. Being a decrepit octogenarian who can’t wear clothes even though you decided registering was a bad idea decades ago just doesn’t seem fun or sexy to me.

      • What happens when we get older? Should we have to cover up? I’m not sure I’d be for that, I mean, part of the PN draw for me is the idea that there would be less shame around our bodies as all types of women would be PN. The idea that there’s beauty everywhere, even in an 80 yr old if you look for it.

        • I never said old people shouldn’t be able to register if they want to. Just pointing out one reason why lifetime registrations aren’t a fantasy that appeals to me.

            • It’s OK. If anything my first reply to Anonymous was a bit too confrontational. But the fact is I just don’t like lifetime registration. People change so much both physically and mentally in 50+ years that committing to something (pretty much anything) for life just seems like a really bad idea, which kills the fun of the fantasy for me.

  8. So it seems either my phone, discord, or NWO’s changes to the discord server have finally caught up to me and it’s not accessible on iOS anymore. My question would be could it be possible to just mark some channels as nsfw instead of the whole server? I don’t know much about discord moderation.

    • I don’t think I have direct control over whether the server as a whole counts as adult, unfortunately. (Besides, realistically the whole server IS adult.) I thought there used to be an option you (as a user) could change in settings to allow access to NSFW servers from iThings, but now I’m not seeing that either…

      Sorry, but this is outside my control on both sides.

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  10. (This is a “LARP” from the parents perspective about their rebellious daughter)


    My family and I just moved here, my daughter just turned 18. Well… she somehow went and registered for 25 years as a “Permanent Nudist” in the State of Florida.

    I don’t know what happened. All I can say, is apparently there’s no undoing the registration. She’s still a Junior in High school. In addition to being the new girl, she’s literally going to be wearing no clothes! I don’t know if she was high or what when she went and did this.

    Are they even going to let her go to Public school naked? I was thinking about homeschooling her but I don’t think I can afford it.

    Are there any other PNs who can share some experience? I am just trying to help my daughter. What sort of career can she have like this? What kind of job can she work as a nudist? How are the other students going to treat her? I don’t think there’s anyone else here that is registered.

    I just don’t understand why she did it. I keep asking her and she just says “I hate clothes, honestly” so I guess it could be true. She always sprawls her legs apart… maybe I’m over reacting.

    Has my daughter done something stupid or are there other registered people out there? So far, it seems to be just her

  11. As a PN you show almost everything of your body.
    Is there anything that you still consider private? Which private insights do you not allow everyone or find it unpleasant when others see them?

    • I wouldn’t want to be seen using the toilet, taking a shower or bath, masturbating to the point of ejaculation or having sex.

      • Just out of interest, being seen while mastirbating before you ejaculate would be no problem for you then?

        • Watch me masturbate and cum, I don’t care. Watch me shit, it’s all there and Natural

          [email address removed]

      • Thank you for sharing what things you would not want to be seen doing. One of the things you listed was masturbating before you ejaculate.

        As a model and performer, I do sex shows, which often includes masturbating in front of my clients and guests. My shows can include ejaculation, if the crowd wanted to see me shot.

        The first time I masturbated in front of others was a bit unnerving, but I felt I had no choice. But, seeing how much my performance was appreciated, I knew it was right.

        I still greatly enjoy masturbating for others!

    • For me as a PN, it’s using the toilet for #2 that will always be the line never to cross. I think that is pretty obvious.

      For peeing, it depends but it’s usually still in a bush or grass at least. For masturbating, that depends- as a nudist it’s just my way to have fun and express myself. I literally will be the only one naked at a party and masturbating with no shame. However, obviously I can’t do that at work- well, again… depends…

      • Interesting… I myself would consider masturbating to be much more a private thing than peeing behind a bush.

  12. I do not know if this was already discussed, but how are PNs punished? They are of course alread nude so they can not get a nude sentence.

    Over the time I read some images about different approaches to this but is there some kind of official position to this?

    • Well, first the obvious: They can still be fined or jailed. Although part of the goal behind nude sentences was to reduce incarceration, that doesn’t mean it went away. It’s still the normal punishment for the most serious crimes and remains on the table for repeat offenders or people who refuse to comply with their nudity sentence.

      Additionally, since the landmark Winstead vs. California case, permanudes can also receive bottomless sentences. Gabrielle Winstead was a driver for Uber Pink who had voluntarily registered for her job. During the holiday season, she was cited for reckless driving and DUI, and was subsequently sentenced to 6 months in jail. She imediately appealed and her sentence was stayed pending the outcome of the trial.

      Her lawyer argued that that sentencing guidelines clearly recommend a nude sentence for a first offense DUI not resulting in injury, so giving her a harsher sentence just because she had voluntarily registered for nudity beforehand was discrimination. The state argued that the tough sentence was only due to her status as a professional driver (although not on duty at the time of the violation), but this was ultimately rejected and her sentence was reduced to one year permanently bottomless.

      So ironically the upshot is she had to wear a shirt for a year, after which her original 5-year permanently naked registration came back into effect.

      • I wonder if any PN who is gaoled would be segregated from the clothed prisoners or forced to wear uniform for their own protection. Plus, depending on what offence they’ve committed would they be barred from registering PN as not being a fit and proper person to conduct themselves appropriately when naked in public.

        • (I’m making this up as I go along, but based on some rough ideas I had)

          Very early on, one of the norms established was that nude sentences should be an alternative to, not in addition to incarceration. Opponents of the new laws often argued that they were just going to be used to keep prisoners naked to save money and further dehumanize them. This image was very unpopular with the public, and as a result permanent nudity laws usually contain an exception suspending nudity while someone is in jail or prison.

          As time went on and a significant population of voluntary PNs were present, this did get reevaluated somewhat. Minimum security facilities might allow permanudes to remain naked at their option, either in a nude-only wing or otherwise, but since safety and maintaining order are their overriding concerns, this isn’t always considered practicable.

          I haven’t thought much about whether criminals could lose the right to be permanently naked even outside prison, but it seems plausible. I imagine this would be especially likely apply to people labels as “sex offenders”, with the caveat that this doesn’t include simple indecent exposure, since we know that is actually punished with nudity in many cases.

          • “simple indecent exposure”? In a world where nudity is permitted (via registration), there would be nothing indecent about being exposed. The indecency comes from the actions a person take, whether nude or not. For instance , public masturbation or sexual intercourse. In legal lingo, lewd or lascivious behavior. These would be the sex offenders.

            Handing out a nude or bottomless sentence as a punishment for going naked or partial so is not a “simple indecent exposure” charge. It is a bureaucratic sentence for failing to register. There is no crime for being exposed in public. The crime is the registration failure.

            • In practice yes, but legally not necessarily. While some places would have re-written all their nudity laws from scratch, many did not, so a lot of outdated terminology sticks around.

        • You can’t, it’s just pretend, sadly. This whole blog is basically one big work of fiction, if that wasn’t obvious.

          P.S. Sorry, but I’m not comfortable with people sharing email addresses here. I’ve had issues in the past.

  13. In the world of CFNM, I believe it’s understood that it’s fair game for the NMs to be touched by the CFs whenever and wherever.

    I would think that PN’s would need to accept the same conditions.

    • For me personally, touching is clearly a part of being PN. I would allow anyone who asks me to touch me, my friends could do so whenever they like without asking me. That would be just how I would share my body with them.

      However I understand anyone, who has a problem about that.

      Imagine if anyone was to touch you without your consent. I at least would definitely cum when walking through the school or city. So there must be the possibility to add some restrictions about who is allowed to touch you.

  14. What do you think about touching when someone registers to be PN?

    Should it be mandatory for PNs to let others touch them?
    Should someone be able to choose to allow others to touch him as an option, similar to strict nudity?
    Should it be forbidden to touch PNs?
    In case you want to allow touching, would you limit it to non-sexual or full body touching?

    I would be really interesting to hear your opinions!

    • Those could be fun fantasies too, but just to be clear none of that is part of the “Nude World Order” universe as portrayed on this blog. My concept is that none of that is different for permanudes. That means no touching without permission (except as is normally socially acceptable like a tap on the shoulder), and no sexual touching in public.

      But hypothetically, if there were a version where prospective permanudes could opt in for touching, how would they indicate that? It seems like wearing something to signify it is about the only option (which is kind of ironic), but it could be something small like a wristband obviously.

      • I also thought about wearing a special item.

        Or maybe it is more reasonable to just let people you know touch you. They would know you and the fact you registered for it makes it legal. In that case you can’t refuse to let them touch you and they would know about it. But strangers couldn’t touch you, so your normal life would be undisturbed. By people you know, I mean an extended group of persons, classmates, friends, people you meet on a daily basis.

        I just imagined walking through the city or riding a train while being touched by everyone around me. It would probably take me less than an hour to cum and most of the day, I would be having a raging erection. That will be quite a distraction and is far beyond the scope of presenting and providing your body.

        One thing to think about though: does touching include you moving so they can touch you? If someone wants to finger my asshole and I’m sitting, do I have to stand up?

        • From my perspective, that of a sexy naturist, I don’t want people asking me to stand up from my seat so they can finger my asshole. Call me old-fashioned if you must.

          But your idea in your second paragraph where people who know you can touch you presumably in a way which you find agreeable is a good one.

          Perhaps PN persons who wish to be touched can wear a nice jewelry pendant which somehow signifies what form of touching they desire. Anyone have any ideas about what kind of symbol signifies which form of touching?

          • I would absolutely not consider you to be old fashioned because of that. This is the sole purpose of different options to register for.

            For me, sharing my body with others includes to allow them to touch me. Where ever, when ever and how ever they want to. If the want to finger my asshole, fine, then they will do exactly that. Touch my scrotum, fine with me. I would appreciate it. But everyone has the absolute right over his body and that is perfectly fine. Admittedly, that was a pretty extreme example I chose.

            I guess there could be three options:
            1. Strict touching. You musst allow everyone to touch you as they please. You musst wear a special item to indicate this.
            2. General touching: Everyone is allowed to touch you with your consent. They can either just ask you if they do not know you allow it or, if they allready know you allow touching, just touch you without asking for you consent. You do not wear something to indicate it, so only people you know can touch you without your consent. Maybe there should be something along the lines of not being able to refuse someone to touch you after you already allowed him to touch you. This would create some consistency.
            3. Legal touching: it is legal to touch you in any way, but it always requires your explicit consent. You have no obligations.

            This options should offer anyone something that fits the desires.

    • An alternate world where it’s mandatory for all PNs to let others touch them would make for a wonderful parallel universe blog.

      • Personally, I don’t think I could get behind a setting with mandatory touching if permanent nudity was still used as a punishment. (But that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t write it, I claim no ownership of the permanent nudity concept).

        But if it was only voluntary, that could be fun.

        • I would be concerned that mandatory touching would be potentially giving carte blanche to any sex offenders to target naked people with impunity. Also nude punishments are meted out for relatively minor offences so making it mandatory for them to be touched could be a way of encouraging people to commit serious sexual offences which would be far worse than what the naked/bottomless person had done in the first place.

          • What do you think of the guidelines I presented above? I guess they should be able to solve these problems.

            • The guidelines are excellent for a voluntary system though I do have misgivings about strict if it’s applied as a punishment. 1. It may violate the human rights of someone who doesn’t want to be touched. 2. It fails as to be a punishment if the person does want to be touched. 3. We risk raising a generation who think they’re entitled to lay their hands on people without permission whenever they feel like it.

              • I agree with you. Using a firm of touching registration as a punishment is a very serious thing as it really interferes with your right over your own body.

                But having it as a optional thing would be great in my opinion.

  15. I really enjoy this side but I never came across a similar site before.

    Does anyone know of similar sites in the internet or is this the only one of its kind?

  16. Has anyone else notice that Yandex reverse image search is terrible at finding nudes now? I suspect they’re actually being blocked, which is weird since you can still get nudes on the regular image search.

    For a good few years it was excellent for searching the type of images I have on my blog and finding if not the original source at least larger images and additional pics from the same photoshoot. Then sometimes maybe a few months ago it just stopped being able to do that.

    The next best tool I know is TinEye, but it’s not as good as Yandex used to be. Google seems pretty bad at this task too currently.

  17. I’m still new here, but I really enjoy the dynamic I’ve seen so far of this site. I’m a nudist and while this isn’t a strictly nudist site, I notice one or two things that are very refreshing in comparison to normal nudist sites:
    There’s a recognition of sexuality; I’ve always felt that the absence of sexuality in nudist circles is a bit strange. I mean, we are sexual beings. It’s very nice to see the often playful sexual comments and captions on the pictures. However, it’s also not overpowering. It doesn’t go to “porn” level sexuality in my opinion (which actually happens to some nudist sites, perhaps because they repress any hint of sexuality?). I think there is good balance here.
    Then also, and this perhaps ties in to the above point, there’s this flaunting nature of the nudity here (albeit not in all the posts). Which I don’t find to be a bad thing. I mean people flaunt their clothes and their earthly goods, so why can’t they flaunt their bodies, like in the spreadie? I find this flaunting almost a form of honesty you could call it? Again, it’s discouraged severely in nudist circles. As are erections and so on and so on, but I just haven’t really seen that problem here.

    These are just some observations on my part. If anyone disagrees though, you’re welcome to. I’m just giving a first impression.

    • This blog has always been in an interesting middle ground. For the most part it’s not on purpose, it’s just entertainment and I post the kind of content I like, but I’m glad that works out well for others.

      It was an interesting scene on Tumblr where I started. Because that site was designed around the ability to “reblog” posts from others, there was a decent amount of crossover between nudist blogs and those that made no pretension of being anything other than a place to look at attractive naked people. If you were going to run a nudist blog (with pictures) you had to accept that erotic photo blogs might use them. But conversely I had captions of the body positive type without direct mention of permanent nudity get picked up by the nudist blogs a few times.

      On the broader topic of prudish nudists, it’s an interesting issue, although one I’ve only observed from the outside or heard about second hand. I always wondered how much of that was completely sincere, vs. something they see as a necessary compromise to be (somewhat) accepted by society at large.

      • Concerning prudish nudists, perhaps they do feel the need to compromise as they could be worried that society views them as swingers or people who delight in orgies, whereas they’re probably like most people who still are sexual but just want to live life nude.

        • Yeah I too think it’s a necessary compromise otherwise most people wouldn’t accept the lifestyle at all. Not as a lifestyle for the whole family at least…

          The thing I dislike is the knee-jerk reaction “Oh, you are against nudism because you equate nudity with sex” when nothing like that had been mentioned in the discussion.

          Everytime that happens I am like: Uh, what? That’s not the point, they might be against against nudity itself and you are not helping nudism with that argument.

          Also, that argument imples “Yeah, I know sex is indecent, but nudity is not”. But is sex that wrong? I don’t think so. Nudists just need to separate those things very very VERY clearly to be accepted but they shouldn’t need to pretend to be asexual like they do now.

          As a nudist I’d love to live naked and I wouldn’t want to have sex everywhere all the time. OTOH I would like to see a version of nudism where sex in public and orgies are acceptable in some places because that’s part of being human too. Those places would ensure that everybody is consenting but other than that anything goes. I wouldn’t want to go to a nudist party if I couldn’t at least touch my partner or if she couldn’t do a sexy dance for me because she’s too sexy for a nudist setting altho the same thing would be acceptable if clothed. Nudists can be sexy too.

          I’ve toyed with the idea of a fictional lifestyle where sex must be done in public so that you couldn’t abuse someone who’s unwilling to have sex because there’d be always someone to assist them if they cry for help. I like to turn social conventions upside down, you know.

  18. Just a question, if nudity is a form of punishment in respect to the law systems, how would sex offenders be punished? Would a sex offender not actually enjoy the punishment and perhaps carry on committing the offenses if they are themselves nude or amongst nude people? Or is there a specific type of punishment for those types of offenders?

    • I think they would just get jailed? Nudity is a new form of punishment but the existing ones wouldn’t be dropped

    • What Afraga said. Nude sentences are not normally used for real serious crimes. Mostly stuff that would get you a year in jail or less IRL. Regarding “sex offenders”, there one notable exception: Indecent exposure (i.e. being naked in public when you’re not registered), which could technically be considered a sex offense, is frequently punished with nudity. Why exactly that is I’m not sure, but it’s well established at this point.

      I guess it’s a simple way to deal with a crime that authorities probably don’t really consider that serious, but it still discourages people from undressing randomly, flashing, and so on.

      • Thanks for the explanation NWO, it clears things up quite a bit. On the note of unregistered nudity though, are there some countries that allow its citizens to go fully nude without having to register? And I don’t mean like a nude beach environment, I mean like anywhere in the country. I’m thinking of your smaller island nations or perhaps countries that have really low crime rates.

        • Good question. In universe that’s called “at-will nudity”, and it has been mentioned a few times. There’s this humorous caption suggesting a possible reason it isn’t more common. And I know there was one about some country (not US but probably unnamed) where they allow people to do this only after having spent a year or two permanently naked, which seems like an interesting compromise. Can’t find that one at the moment, might have been back in the tumblr days and not currently online.

          In short though, this is rare but probably exists in a few places. Main reason I don’t do more captions about it is the all-or-nothing choice just makes for more entertaining stories most of the time.

          • Thanks for the reply, I really do appreciate it. And it makes sense of course, what you say about it being more interesting in the way you have described

  19. Is it just me, or have there been a rash of assholes in the comments lately? People commenting negatively on models’ appearances, or being outright sexist (either by complaining about male models, or by being openly misogynistic). I don’t know if there’s any moderation considering there’s just the one admin, but it’s definitely making it a bit less fun to read the comments.

    • I try to be pretty lenient in moderation. But to be clear, allowing a comment to stay up should not be seen as an endorsement. I too would like to see less of the types of comments you mention. Creating some rules about comments isn’t beyond consideration, but it’s not something I particularly want to do.

    • Interesting. I comment on the posts fairly often. I’ve lived most of my life in the previous century and as LP Hartley wrote “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.” If you feel any of my comments are inappropriate then please educate me.

  20. Hey all!

    I’ve seen some users complain about seeing male nudity on the site, so made a bookmarklet that will hide any posts that are tagged as “male”. You can still view them if you click on the post, but it hides the images by default.

    A bookmarklet is a small piece of Javascript code that you save to your browser bookmarks. When you are on the Nude World Order website, you can click the bookmark in the browser to hide all of the posts.

    To save the bookmarklet, you can just right click on it and select to add to bookmarks/favorites. Or you can drag and drop it into the bookmark bar on your browser.

    {const posts=document.getElementsByClassName(‘post’);for(const p of posts){const tags=p.querySelectorAll(‘.tags-links a’);for(const t of tags){if(t.textContent.trim().toLowerCase()==’male’){const content=p.getElementsByClassName(‘entry-content’)[0];content.style.position=’relative’;const text=document.createElement(‘span’);text.innerHTML=’This post has been tagged as \’male\’ and may contain male nudity.Click to view this post.’;text.style.margin=’auto’;const hider=document.createElement(‘div’);hider.style.background=’black’;hider.style.position=’absolute’;hider.style.top=’0′;hider.style.left=’0′;hider.style.width=’100%’;hider.style.height=’100%’;hider.style.display=’flex’;hider.style.alignItems=’center’;hider.style.color=’white’;hider.style.cursor=’pointer’;hider.style.textAlign=’center’;hider.addEventListener(‘click’,()=>{hider.parentNode.removeChild(hider)});hider.appendChild(text);content.appendChild(hider);break}}}})()”>Bookmark Link

    Hope this helps. I also hope that WordPress allows HTML tags in comments or else the above link is going to be a mess.

    • Ok, so WordPress did not allow the link. I’ve posted the link to JSFiddle, so just go to this website and then you should see the link that you need to bookmark on there:


      Admin, feel free to replace the link in my original post with this link instead, if you want to.

    • Not for nothing, but as a woman I’m personally a fan of the male PNs. Mostly because they’re normal everyday kinda people, and not the super chiseled hardbody type men actually think we like.

      • In that case, I hope that you have seen my naked pictures on here and thought them good enough for a “like.”

      • I’ve been thinking of submitting my own pics for it. but I can’t come up with any good stories or ideas.

        if anyone wants to help

        • Well, it’s not a fully formed idea, but IMHO best course of action for anyone brave enough to send their own picture is to think of something you could act out. If you’re daring enough to get naked outside your home, that open a lot of options, but even if not, a simple prop could go a long way.

          • I’m putting this out there for anyone to give me suggestions to act out.

            go all out in ur ideas. the worst that can happen is I can’t do it lol

            • Some topics or problems you could cover:
              Women still have some privacy when nude. Men have everything just “hanging out”.
              Bonners can be awkward, especially around friends.

              • It’s only awkward if people make you feel awkward.

                If nudity can be normal, boners can be normal too!

      • I’m a man and I will say that it’s good to have nude male PN’s. There must be balance in the nudity, especially seeing as there are both male and female viewers, and especially because a nude world would encompass both.

    • These kind of sites used to be really common back when Tumblr allowed them, but with the death of Tumblr the popular ones all seemed to disappear. I’d love to know if there are any similar ones still around somewhere.

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