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  1. I’m kinda curious about the men here, and if you had a partner who would consider you having control over her clothing, would you actually be okay with other men looking at her? I know a lot of men would like to see us naked, but I’m curious if you’d feel the same about someone you were dating or married to?

    • I was, for a while, married to a stripper. I loved it when she showed off her beautiful body. (Not just at work but in other settings as well.) In general, the human female body is the pinnacle masterpiece of God’s artistic creation. It is meant to be viewed and appreciated. As with any other master work of art, you don’t hide it in the attic under a thick veil. You put it out where it can be showed off and admired.
      I didn’t own/control her body, but she and I were associated with each other (first as bf/gf and later as husband/wife) and I had some influence in what she wore and/or how little she wore at times. I enjoyed very much when other men would look at her. They could look all they wanted. It was me she was going home with.
      By the way, our separation was due to other entirely unrelated reasons, and we are still friends but we live a couple thousand miles apart.

      • I was just kinda curious because bf’s I’ve had in the past are like “Are you really going out in that? It’s too short” and “I don’t want everyone seeing your ass” kinda thing, so it got me thinking abou whether it’s something that’s just a fantasy for guys or if they’d really be okay with it if it was something legal somehow πŸ™‚

        • The bfs you’ve had are probably more typical. And that attitude primarily based on a level of insecurity and fear. They are worried that if your beauty attracts some other guy’s attention, he may try to attract you and it might work. Therefore, if he can keep you covered, he will have a better chance of keeping you.

            • If we were together in the real world, and you gave me control of your wardrobe:
              I would not get you arrested, ticketed or ostracized by our families due to “indecent exposure.” However, I would expose you as much as possible, as often as possible, whenever and wherever appropriate to do so. In general, neither of us would wear clothes at home, unless we had guests who found public nudity offensive. Those guests would likely be minimized.

              If we were together in the NWO world, you likely would not even own any clothing.

            • if it was really possible and you had a bf the controlled all of your wardrobe would you be okay with him making you go naked in front of family and friends? or your coworkers? would you want him to keep you safe from being arrested?

      • I don’t think I would want to control how a man dresses tbh. Part of it all for me is the idea men would get to say, you know? On the real, I rarely wear clothes at home when I can help it, and I like the feeling of being a part of the world when I sneak around the wooded area behind the house with nothing on, makes me feel small, like I’m part of nature and the earth not above it if that makes any sense? For me, I’d like the legal shield of being lawfully allowed to be nude but I’m actually kinda shy IRL so it would have to be something I’m more like made to do and can’t get out of it kinda thing.

        • honestly I think we should organize some kind of New York group for this stuff so at least in the summer we can all do things naked or find places to go naked.

          or even just people to help make it happen

          it’s always easier when you have help. even just as a lookout

        • Amy, you’re not the only one who goes nude in the woods πŸ˜‰ It’s such a nice feeling being exposed in nature like that!

    • I wouldnt’t care at all if other men looked at my gf but I know I’m kind of atypical in that respect. Other men are usually more possessive than me but I think that’s kind of stupid. I’m really skeptical hiding your gf’s body really works if she wanted to cheat on you.

      I just want my gf to be pretty and the prettiest she can be is when she’s naked of course. It wouldn’t make sense to hide her body from other people just like it doesn’t make sense to hide her face from them. This argument got a little weaker and weirder after COVID but anyway that’s not the point…

      I just think people should be nude as often as possible and that simply wouldn’t work if partners wanted to treat their girlfriends as objects to be hidden in clothing or at home. Thinking about it hiding your partner is creepy, yet it happens in the real world…

      If I’m going to be creepy I want to be the kind of creepy that makes his gf wear less clothing in public LOL. If possible, we wouldn’t own any clothing and people around us would forget what we used to look like when clothed.

      • On secont thought, making my girlfriend become a PN is not the best scenario. Ideally I would meet my dream girl at a nudist party, we both would be nude, it would be love at first sight and we would never get dressed again from then on.

        A man can dream, right?

        • Curious why you’d prefer to meet an already nude girl over convincing your own gf to go nude? I get when you say you just want your gf to be pretty and the prettiest she can be is when she’s naked, I totally don’t understand why most men have a problem with that is all. Maybe I just don’t get it cause I’m a woman shrug

          • I can’t speak for “nudist rebel” however, I would share the same feeling.

            If a woman were to register PN just because I wanted her to do so, she is making me the one responsible for that decision. If she hates the consequences of that decision, she will resent me for it.

            If a woman is already a PN, I can admire her in more ways. She made a decision on her own, for herself. I can be there to support her in whatever consequences, good or bad, that may come of it.

            I prefer strong, independent women, rather than a submissive ones. Especially in this universe of PN that had been around for awhile.

            • Makes sense πŸ™‚ I’m not the submissive type but for me I’m so shy I’d have to be forced or coerced into it to maintain my public nudity, like consensual but I’d be reluctant around a lot of people or somewhere wildly public.

              • Cato summed it up quite nicely. I’d add just a few things:

                It’d be cool if the first step was hers, I wouldn’t like to force someone into something they don’t really want to. It could be her first time nude, she could be shy, but nudity is part of her personality. Otherwise she would get dressed at the first opportunity. You know, our world is so clothes-minded that even the word “naked” is used to mean “underwear” sometimes, people are afraid of being seen naked in their own homes etc.

                She could be shy or need a little support from others or myself. We all need some encouragement even for things we really want to do deep inside. I’m a like that too that’s why I’d like to have PN laws so that I (or we, as a couple) could make my mind just once and from then on I could say: “Sorry, I know this is a conservative professional setting, but I can’t get dressed. I’m registered, it’s the law”. I don’t like being forced into things unless it was something I secretly wished to begin with πŸ˜‰

                Then there’s the wow-factor: meeting someone for the first time, nude, free, and unashamed is like seeing a unicorn, a magical being, superior to all these mundane things we humans call “clothing”. It’s not the same as a porn star that tries too hard to look sexy or a girl that only gets naked for sex and gets dressed afterwards. It’d be just her being herself, nude, acting naturally among other people.

                • I like that πŸ™‚ Yeah, nudity is not a sexual thing for me, I just like sitting around at home with nothing on when I can or going for a walk in the woods behind the house with nothing or next to nothing on cause I feel closer to nature. I get embarassed tho if I even think someone else might have seen me, and I know it comes from the shame of a lifetime of being taught to be ashamed of “what people might see”, you know?

    • Hey! I couldn’t find the comment thread where we talked about nude events in NYC

      But in June when it gets warmer are you still interested in doing some stuff? I’m probably going to do bodypainting

  2. Considering people literally walk around naked in this world, would that make nudity less “adult”? Would movies still get an R rating for showing nudity or is it normalized enough at this point that it’s not an adult concept to see nudity anymore?

    • As explained in this holiday caption, my interpretation is that nudity does not effect the rating, if the actors are actually registered.

      Whether this makes sense or is just an example of bureaucracy at work is debatable, but I think a case could be made that there’s some logic to it. It would discourage showing undressing or brief titillating glimpses of nudity while still allowing for PN characters in family-friendly media.

  3. It seems like some of the images from the Tumblr days aren’t here on the new site. Are they still in the queue to be posted, or did they get lost during migration, or am I simply mistaken?

    • it was a bust (no pun intended) in NYC this year. only a handful of us, and cops asked us to cover because it might create a “public disturbance”

      it’s fully legal to go topless in NYC unless it’s creating or likely to create a “public disturbance” and cops get to decide what’s a “disturbance” or not

      • The police can “ask” females to cover up; however, they cannot demand you to do so. If they arrest you, you can sue the police. A model I know was arrested for wearing only bodypaint. She won $10,000 for a false arrest.

        Calling the arrest for being a public disturbance does not immune them from a lawsuit. You have a first amendment right to publicly protest. As long as it is a reasonable hour of the day and you are not screaming above any noise ordinance or impeding traffic flow, there is no real disturbance. If the prosecutor is a fool and takes this court, appeals to the NY Supreme Court will eventually toss the arrest and penalize the police.

        NY is too well known for be topfree friendly. In fact, being naked for “the sake of art” is protected within the boroughs of NYC, too.

  4. Huh, I just got a notice that someone is following my blog and will get an email when it updates. I had no idea that was a thing… Still not sure how they did that.

    I have to say though, seeing as there are multiple posts per day this doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea, unless you like your inbox cluttered.

  5. I recently learned that Discord did a purge against loli and shota content.
    So you won’t see me on the Discord server anymore…

  6. Although I have received a couple of advisory emails from you in the past realize that it would be impossible for you to issue feedback for every failed submission that you get. What would you say would be a ballpark estimate of how long after a submission is sent that we can safely assume it hasn’t made the grade if it doesn’t appear?

    • First, sorry about that. I make an effort to reply when I reject something, but when I’m busy with other things or for people who send me a ton of stuff (you’re not quite in that category) it can be hard to get to.

      But for your question, it’s not quite as simple as a certain amount of time. First of all I try to rotate submissions, somewhat proportional to the number you send, but ideally making sure everyone gets a turn. So if I posted one of yours in the last few days, don’t assume any others are rejected just yet. And then there’s also the possibility I’ve simply overlooked or misplaced it, which does unfortunately happen. I’ve yet to find a good way of keeping track of all the submissions, and who sent them, without some risk of just forgetting about some of them. Or, rarely, there could be a technical issue where I didn’t get it. As far as I know submissions working fine currently, but there have been issues in the past.

      So in short, if it’s been like a week or two, since the last time I posted one of your submissions, you can assume any I haven’t posted are rejected or forgotten. If you want to contact me for clarification at that point (e.g. using the contact form) feel free. Just please be specific about which image(s) you’re asking about (like “the one with the girl in a swimming pool, and the one about a PN guy’s new job”, or by file names if they’re meaningful) and I’ll get back to you. Also make sure you provide an actually working email address, because occasionally, I go to reply to someone and get a bounce, which is frustrating.

      Again I’m sorry I’m not more organized about this.

      • Thanks. I’m not implying any criticism here – getting something posted is an honour, not a right – it’s just that I’m a bit OCD about having several submissions on the go at the same time. So once “Distraction” was published on May 13th I went ahead and sent in “Treasure Hunt” around May 14th. As this has yet to appear I can safely assume it’s a bust and move on to a new idea.

  7. Since I was a child I wondered why we humans can’t go naked everywhere.
    People would insist on bulshit excuses like “you’re gonna get a cold”, “you need support for your penis/balls/breasts”, whatever. I asked myself “Are we that fragile? Can’t we do anything without layers and layers of protection?”. I used to feel bad about myself and my body thinking about it. I wanted to get rid of all clothing but people made me feel imperfect without them.

    Only after finding nudist blogs, videos and even not-exactly-nudist sites like this one and then trying it for myself I learned that getting naked doesn’t automatically make me sick, there’s a pretty acceptable range of temperatures where you can get naked (not in extreme cold though, I don’t want to freeze to death), friends interacting naked with each other aren’t the downfall of society and even when running I don’t need any support, thank you. There are a couple of pretty cool videos around the web showing nudist women practicing sports and they don’t seem to mind the lack of clothes. I love that natural attitude to nudity! And thanks to Amy in this thread I learned that even periods are manageable in a PN world. Now I feel much better as a human being and I hope I will be able to live a PN-life in the near future. Even if only on the weekends or something like that LOL.

  8. I’m surprised that it never seemed to come up, but what do PN girls do on their periods? My assumption would be that they would either be allowed a full topless outfit (in order to meet whatever dress codes might be in place) or there would be a specific kind of panties they would be allowed (so they could still be recognizable as PN). I would imagine girls would often claim to be on their periods to try to get out of a nude punishment, although there is always the risk that they could be found out later if they get another nude punishment when their real period starts.

    • There’s an award winning short story by Lesly Amirah called “Skinned” which imagines a dystopian world where girls have to go naked when they’re 15 and stay that way until “claimed” by a man for marriage. This line appears describing how the main character feels about travelling on public transport: “the paranoia of imagining every other second what she would do if her menstrual cup overflowed. ” We are not told how this contraption worked or given a description of it.

      • It’s a real thing, in case you didn’t know. They’ve been around for a while, and they seem to be slowly gaining ground on tampons as a popular solution. That’s also what forevernakedgirl back on tumblr said she used.

        I would imagine they’re popular among PN girls too. It’s just not a subject that most people (especially men, if I’m honest) want to think about too much so it’s never been brought up in a caption. Tampons would be fine too for that matter, they probably even make special ones for the PN market with a more discreet alternative to the string (little plastic grip or something).

        If a woman was absolutely determined to not to use an insertable device, I imagine some other option would be permitted, but it wouldn’t be allowed to look like normal clothing. More like a pad on clear straps or something, which I assume most women would find pretty embarrassing.

      • it’s a little rubber cup that you squeeze and push it up inside and it unfolds. m*enstral fluids collect in it instead of running down your leg. they’re very messy to take out and you get in a worse mess taking them out than if you just spread slightly when you feel it and let it go to the ground. trust me, i know firsthand ;(

        i read the story as well and it makes it seem like all the women were miserable naked. idk, it seems a little preachy the way it bashes men. it could have been really hot but she made it a f*minist mess

    • i’m not pn but when i get the opportunity my clothes come off. i don’t want to gross you men out but since you’ve asked, i’ll tell you how it works in the real world. i’ve hiked naked while on my period before and it wasn’t a problem. there’s a common misconception that it’s like some rushing river of blood lol but its really not. and you KNOW when it’s happening, trust me, it doesn’t happen by “accident.” the worst of it comes with cramping, so you just stop for a minute with your legs slightly apart and when the cramp’s gone, wipe your lips with a wet napkin. all you get if you’re not cramping is usually a little spot or two, but if you get a trickle that runs down your leg, if you’re naked, it’s like no problem! just wipe with a wet napkin and on you go.

      • That’s good to know! So the nude world dream is not that impractical! Thanks for the info, Amy!

        • You’re welcome, I know there isn’t much feedback from women/girls on here, so I’m glad I could help clear that up. Feel free to AMA on women’s stuff and I’ll answer, cause I know a lot of women won’t tell men anything

          • I wasn’t planning any follow-up question but on second thought why not?

            So I understand that wearing nothing works better for hiking and communities living closer to nature, isn’t it? That way the ground could absorb any fluids and you can continue doing what you were doing.

            But I think urban nudism, keeping all the same habits we have in cities, is way hotter. For some reason walking naked wearing sneakers in the mall or in public transportation or in a crowded party feels even more naked than simply being naked for a photoshoot alone in nature.

            How do you think a 100% nude city would work?

            Would you have time to go to the bathroom everytime or would you need to clean up in front of everyone?

            Would it be enough to have sanitary towels and napkins available anywhere? Being in your period without a cup or tampon would be no worse than having a cold and sneezing. You just excuse yourself, clean it up with a napkin and there you go. Would that work? Please assume no pre-existing cultural background (people would just think differently if they had never worn any clothes). Not that I would enjoy seeing it happen, I just wouldn’t mind. It’s just that wearing panties look so boring when compared to full nudity… I make an exception for sneakers though.

            • wearing hiking boots does somehow make me feel more exposed for sure. i don’t know why but that’s so true.

              for hygine reasons i think everyone should keep using restrooms for their business in towns and cities, especially #2’s, but in parks and stuff i can totally see people peeing outside. it’s not like i haven’t peed in a national park or the woods before and i know guys kinda tend to just whip it out and pee wherever they think they won’t get busted lol.

              if we’re talking more on periods, i think cups or tampons are enough tbh, just as long as we take care of them in restrooms. i don’t think women should be able to just walk around without some kind of protection when we’re on our period in towns and cities. out in the wild sure, on a beach or someplace like that, no.

              pools are something else tho and if we’re on a period we shouldn’t be using pools, hot tubs, saunas or communal things like that for sure.

              i’ve marched topless in nyc for topfreedom a couple of times and i really don’t see the big deal people have against seeing tits in public especially when men have nipples too and can go shirtless. idk if i could honestly walk naked in the city, probably not, but if other people were too it would help me get over my shyness for sure.

              • Thanks again!

                Re-reading my question it sounded a little gross… but whatever, you only learn if you ask, right?
                Hygiene is important, it’s one of the things that allows us to live longer and avoid infections.

                If I ever write a story about a futuristic society living naked in cities I will certainly use your answer to make it a little more realistic!

                I too don’t see what’s the problem with tits in public. I can see the problem with being bottomless (that’s what we’re talking about after all), it really takes a little more investment to be bottomless or naked in public and keep it hygienic. But tits? No problem at all, everybody should be able to go shirtless everywhere even at the workplace.

                I’ve never been naked in public on the streets but I’ve been to closed naked parties in the city and they feel awesome! It makes me feel as like “We’re perfect as we are! There’s nothing wrong with the human body! I can do anything! Woohoo” I wish we would run naked a few blocks and go back inside but it never really happened, LOL.

                • don’t be silly, it was a kinda practical question, not really gross. i mean, this stuff happens. people need to use the bathroom, and we have other stuff we need to take care of that you don’t.

                  i think a lot of things are just “gross” cause we’re told to be ashamed of thinking things, and for us women on top of that we’re taught to be ashamed of our bodies, something which nudism and public nudity fetishes kinda fight.

                  i mean, i’ve come up with plenty of things i’ve thought were gross in my own mind, some i sent in to this blog as ways to kinda feel them out, see how other people feel about them, see if they really are gross or if the idea turns people on i guess.

                  i’m not turned on by being naked when i’m nude, and not turned on seeing other women naked either. but i’ll be honest, the idea of being made to be nude or else, having no control over how my body is seen or perceived by others, and no control over critique, does kinda make me tingle sometimes which is why i come here once in a while.

                  this whole thread was my first time reading the discussion and i’m kinda glad i came now so everyone could get a female perspective on things and to help demistify some of what happens to the female body.

                  i wish society was cool with topfree everywhere too. on a sorta related note to round out the thread question, it kinda fits too, cause you know, those times we’re on our period, our tits often hurt too and wearing a bra can be literall hell.

              • I wonder how those nudist videos with dozens or hundreds of naked people are done.

                Do they simply leave women out if they are in their period and can’t use a tampon? That doesn’t seem fair. Do they use a tampon exceptionally just to avoid appearing clothed? (for our viewing pleasure…) That looks more reasonable. How hard is it to use a tampon even if you don’t like it?

                Is there any other alternative?

                • Tampons or menstrual cups. People know when those pics are gonna be taken and decide if they want to be in the shot or not.

        • Me? I’d love to go voluntary, but I know myself well enough to know I’d get self conscious a lot so I’d have to pretty much be forced into it being honest

  9. who thinks I should register pn?

    that means u can all request I take a pic naked anywhere u want

    and I’ll do it and show u

  10. Just a note:
    Currently, if I try to view the site over HTTPS I get a certificate error.
    Plain HTTP is, of course, fine. Apart from the “Not secure” warning in the address bar.

    • I’m not sure why it’s doing that to be honest, there shouldn’t be an HTTPS version at all, I never set that up since it didn’t seem necessary. Thanks though, I guess it’s something I should look into when I get a chance (either see if I can actually get a security certificate or just stop it doing HTTPS entirely).

    • There’s a stories section on discord. Other that I don’t really have a place for that. Hmm, I suppose just putting it as a comment on that post might make sense. Feel free to do either or both, I see you already joined the discord server.

      • Thank you very much. I posted it as a comment on the post. I also uploaded as a pdf in the story section of discord. I hope you will like it and you will enjoy reading

  11. If a PN registration expires while a person is out nude and unable to access clothes, is there at least a grace period for them to go home and get dressed? It would be incredibly unfortunate to be sentenced to a PN punishment and then get sentenced again because you were unable to get dressed in time when the first punishment ended.

    • Yeah, that’s a good question too. I would imagine some places would have a formal grace period, and even where they don’t, police and courts would usually be somewhat understanding. Like if you get pulled over and the cop notices your driver’s license expired yesterday, technically that’s a illegal, but unless he’s just an asshole he’ll probably let you off with a warning.

      In the opposite situation, when your registration starts, not having access to clothes isn’t a factor, but it still needs some kind of grace period if you’re in public, since you can’t undress before it starts, and realistically can’t undress instantly. So in this case the grace period might as short as a few minutes, or it could be something like “undress at the earliest opportunity”.

      • Why can’t you undress instantly? I don’t see why the court can’t provide you a bag to put your clothes in, or at the very least, you should plan for it and bring a backpack maybe. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying.

        • I mean instantly, like zero seconds. Kind of like why yellow lights exist. It’s not physically possible to stop a car instantly when the light changes. Neither is it physically possible to undress instantly. So technically you’d either be breaking the indecent exposure law before, or violating your registration after, for a moment at least, even if you timed it as well as humanly possible.

          Of course the easiest solution is to have registration start someplace you can be naked anyway (e.g. home) and that’s common, but in the event a PN term begins in public is seems at least a little leniency is required.

      • You usually know when a registration expires, so you can prepare yourself and bring something to wear if necessary. If you want to extend your registration, you should be able to do so a few days in advance, perhaps online, since the data is already known to the registration authority.

  12. If a person registers for permanent nudity, what happens to their clothes? Can she keep them herself or are they confiscated and kept or destroyed by the registration authority?

    • I know some people like the idea of being banned from owning clothes, but my take is that the law only covers wearing them. I could see a prohibition against owning clothing as a possible sanction for people who violate their PN status, but aside from that it doesn’t strike me as necessary.

      So yes, she can keep them. Obviously they don’t do her any good though, so often times people who register donate them to a thrift shop or give them away to friends. Of course if she registers for the minimum length (usually a year) and isn’t sure if she’ll like it enough to renew, it would be logical just to keep them packed away in her closet.

  13. What happens after the PN duration has expired. Do you have to wear clothes again or is there an option for an extension? I think it would be good if the opportunity existed.

    • How much leeway do you have after? Do you have a three hour period to get dressed? I can’t imagine it’s timed to the minute.

      • Yeah, that’s a fair point. I really haven’t got into the technicalities of that too much. One possibility is that registration normally ends at midnight, so most people would be at home and could simply get dressed in the morning. But what if you work graveyard shift? Another possibility is a grace period, like you suggest. It could be anything from an hour (just enough to make sure perfect timing is not required) to a day (long enough to go out and buy some clothes if you didn’t have any).

        Details like this are probably somewhat of an afterthought for in-universe legislators just like they are for me, which means they likely vary between jurisdictions a fair amount.

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