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  1. I know this is a fictional setting but I’ve noticed a LOT of family oriented/taboo/incest stuff lately and it’s really disturbing. At the very least, can the term “step” be used instead of “Dad, Mom, Brother” etc.? That keeps things taboo without the idea of blood relatives being involved. The recent one where the Mom strips her son and comments on his penis is…well, it’s fucked up, plain and simple. I’d hate to leave the site but this kind of thing is just wrong in any setting and situation.

    • I certainly value your input as a long-time fan (IIRC you were either the first or second person to submit your own caption), and you’re not wrong. It does seem like there’s been a bunch of captions on that theme lately. The particular caption you mention is right on the line of what I’d consider acceptable, maybe I ought to be a little stricter on that in the future.

      I’ll definitely keep this in mind. I don’t think the “step” fix is very good though, honestly. At least not as something to use more than occasionally. Probably better just to try and dial down the frequency of these sorts of captions, and especially anything boundary-pushing like that one.

    • So a mother that see her son naked for the first 15 years of his life is okay for most humans but when a mother sees her son after age 18 and comments on his package growth is too taboo or icky? And adding the word “Step” before son, daughter and mother or Father makes it less icky? Being naked doesn’t equal possible sex is going to happen, When I go to doctor, I don’t ask for the doctor to buy me dinner first when he wants to me to turn my head and cough or go against traffic with his finger. Maybe the disturbed viewer needs to get over that issue themselves before projecting their limits on others. In the jungles and hot tropical climates many families go about their day Without manmade clothing on, even in the coldest climates many families also shed the textiles of the outside world as they gather around the warm fire. My wife and I sleep naked together most nights however that doesn’t mean we have sex every night either. Naked or nude doesn’t equal sex situations are going to happen.

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  2. Can you do some male captions as well? I’m not gay but I found Permanude through the CFNM scene.. some male permanudes would be interesting…

  3. I love everything about this site!

    I have found great joy in writing my own stories in this setting!

    I was curious if there are restrictions on pubic hair? Say a female is sentenced/registered PN, but chooses to grow her bush as sort of a “the only clothing I wear, I grow myself” type mentality. I’m working on a story about a girl who decides to keep her thick, wide, black bush as she argues it’s no different than a bikini bottom.

    • My take has always been that there are no restrictions. Some people are down on pubic hair and might favor such a rule, but variety is the spice of life I say. I like bare, bushy and anything in between; so the setting reflects that I suppose.

      P.S. Please share your story when its finished.

      • Thanks! I will definitely post it, however it’s a bit lengthy. Love the new ‘pubes’ tag! Thanks for working on that, and great to know this blog I’ve lurked for years is still going strong!

        • Cool. I don’t know exactly what the length limit is for comments, so probably what you’ll want to do is post it somewhere and then link to it. All About Nudity (on the Links page would be one possible place if you don’t have a place already).

          Regarding the pubes tag, that’s a work in progress. I’ve been trying (not 100% consistently) to add it to new images when relevant, but so far it doesn’t cover anything older than a few months, that should change eventually.

          • Seems the length limit for comments is quite large.
            You can always break the story into parts/chapters with each chapter being a reply

            Admin Edit: Your test-comment served its purpose, so I think it can be deleted now. But for the record it was around 2,600 words.

  4. A pretty general comment, but I guess this is the right place for it. I wanted to mention to both NWO and the submitters/fans of the page that I am the WORST person for liking/remembering to like posts. So well I do only seemingly “like” a few, it’s not an indication that I don’t like others. It’s that I very seldom remember to actually click the little button. Also, I know I’ve been slacking on my own submissions lately, I hope to get on track with that later this week.

    • I wish the Like button showed up on the main page (as it did on tumblr), but unfortunately I found a surprisingly limited choice of like plug-ins (it’s not a standard WordPress feature), and now that a choice has been made switching to another system probably isn’t practical.

      Anyway, I appreciate when people use it, but you shouldn’t feel any obligation. It’s interesting to see the relative popularity of different posts, but it hardly matters whether one is 16 and the other 8, or one is 10 and the other is 5.

  5. I stumbled across this and thought it fit in here.
    A French TV show called “Nu”where everyone is legally required to be PN. Not selected registration, but everyone.
    So far I was only able to find one clip on xhamster, not sure where to find downloads of full episodes.

    • I’ve known about that show for a while, but due to its generic/un-googleable name I haven’t been able to find much else about it.

      If you or anyone else is aware of how to be able to watch the show I would be immensely grateful.

  6. for those of ya who are curious about the new “holiday” and “pubes” tags,
    I haven’t gotten around to continuing the process of going through the old posts yet. And as an explanation, I suggested “pubes”, and NWO has wanted to implement “holiday” for quite a while, so a deal of sorts was made… (I guess)

  7. indian outlaw site died not long ago, new town last update was 2013/14, cant find a thing of that college code of conduct

  8. Minor design tweak that didn’t seem worth a full “commentary” post. I noticed that in Dark Mode ,the next and previous page links are displayed in a gray box, almost like a button. This wasn’t really intentional, but it makes it look like you should be able to click any part of that… So I thought hey, why don’t I just change it so you really can?

    (You can click it in light mode too, although it’s invisible.)

    • I, and also Daicain-2, use Haettenschweiler. Other contributors who do their own captioning use other fonts. There’s certainly no rule about it, as long as it’s readable, if that’s why you were asking. Even I occasionally use others, for instance in this picture I used Andy.

  9. I know in the world that you created parents can punish their kids by taking away their clothes.

    Do you think that would be legal in the real world? Obviously they can’t be out in public, but would it be ok if it was restricted to private homes?

    • While it might not be illegal per se, I think IRL child protective services would very skeptical about this parenting decision if ti came to their attention.

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