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Guys, I think I need a breather

Too much has been going on in my life lately. And obviously recent global and national events haven’t helped any. It’s a stressful time. And I haven’t had energy or been in the right mood to give this blog as much attention as I think I should. Sometimes it feels like a chore instead of a hobby, which obviously isn’t good.

So I’m gonna try taking a different tack, and only working on this when I’m actually in the mood. That means updates are going to be less frequent and less regular. Hopefully once things settle down I can get back on track, but for now it’ll probably be more like one or two posts a day instead of four.

I’m not throwing in the towel, I’ve enjoyed running this blog for years, so that would be pretty rash to do just because I hit a few bumps.

Submissions are still open, but may take longer to get posted or receive a response. Pre-capationed images are especially appreciated.

Just a little status update

Someone pointed out that I never really posted any kind of resolution my server troubles, perhaps leaving some of you wondering what’s up.

I think I can now safely say we’re out of the woods. Bandwidth is still a little high, but after installing Jetpack again it seems to be at an acceptable level.  Not my favorite plug-in but it’s good at its job. Incidentally, that also means you can use Markdown formatting in comments again if you wish. So basically everything’s fine on the technical front.

There is one other “problem” though. I hope I haven’t let this be too obvious, but I’ve been kinda neglecting the blog due to a confluence of events keeping me unusually busy for the last couple weeks. For example any submissions that need extra attention, e.g. because there’s alot of text that’s difficult to fit, are sitting on the back burner at the moment. I hope in the near future I have time to catch up on that stuff.

But for now, everything seems to be working, submissions are still open, enjoy the nudity.

Quick refresher on Markdown for anyone interested:
**bold** *italic* [link label](

Media Library Issues

So a few days ago I noticed a relatively small, but annoying problem that resulted from the host move. A large number of images didn’t get added to wordpress’s database. The files exist, and display fine when you’re just reading, but I can’t manipulate them through the blog interface. So for instance if I wanted to delete and replace one (perhaps to correct an old typo) I’d have to do that through FTP or similar. Not very convenient. I’ve been looking for solutions, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything really good. I’ll be working on this, but it’s time consuming and error-prone.

As a result of such an error, a few images are missing from the blog entirely right now. Oops. Only like 4 I think, so it’s not too big a deal, but  I intend to fix that of course. It’s just gonna take a little while to untangle this mess.

New Host Status Update

CPU load problems are gone. It’s actually kind of mysterious. Not only is my new host more generous, and gives me an easy way to monitor load, apparently it’s actually running much better too, at a level that would have been fine on the old host. Go figure.

However, it looks like I’m only squeeking by on bandwidth now. It should be OK, but there’s not much of a safety buffer. However I’d made absolutely no effort to optimize so far. If worse comes to worst I can install Jetpack again; that should reduce bandwidth massively, but I don’t really like that plug-in too much. So I’m going to try some smaller things first. As of today I’ve enabled compression and browser cache again, but on a very limited basis. HTML caching is disabled, so basically it’ll only cache images, and only for a week. I expect this will still be a significant improvement without the risk of breaking Random or anything like last time. Do let me know if you notice any issues though. Next thing I might try is “lazy load”, but I’ll wait and see if this helps enough first.

Ta Ta For Now

Because of my continuing overloading issue, I’m going to be be leaving this web host.

The domain has been redirected to a temporary site. But it might take a little while for that to roll out (which could explain why you’re still seeing this).

Then, of course I need to find a real host, one that can handle the load better and/or give me tools to make diagnosing the problem easier.

Weird Theme is Back

Sorry, still experimenting. I may have returned to my old theme a little prematurely.

As you might have guessed, this means my “overloading” issues are not entirely over. Because of that, I still need to keep a good number of posts going up for a realistic test, but since I’ll be busy with technical junk too, expect to see more “classics” (tumblr re-posts) than usual.

Easter Status Report

I guess today is a good day to start resurrecting this blog… oh boy that was forced, sorry. Anyways, as I’m sure you know, a few things need attention, Random barely works, Tag cloud is gone without a replacement, Dark mode isn’t available, etc. And although the last word from my host was that it was no longer overloading, I really don’t like how I can’t check on this myself.

At a certain point it was important to keep a normal volume of posts going up for load testing purposes, but as dig in and try to resolve the lingering issues I may once again be updating less often.

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