Author: NudeWorldOrder

Email is flowing again

But oh man, it was worse than I thought, nearly 90 messages were stuck on my server. Not all of it is important, there’s a certain amount of automated messages and few bits of outright spam, but most of it is real communication from real people. And I’m real sorry for the delay in receiving it. Obviously I’ve got a backlog to work through now, so a little more patience will be required. I’ll first be getting back to anyone who sent a specific message or question and then try and catch up on submissions. Hopefully the generous supply (especially those that are ready to post) will allow my to increase my postings per day.

Not Again! (Email Trouble)

I have the absolute worst luck with email. So it seems I’ve been unable to receive email on my account for some time. This includes submissions through the website. Since I never know when to expect a message, I don’t always notice right away when some thing goes wrong, but I admit it’s partly on me for not spotting the problem sooner.

The good news is this time no messages have been lost, it’s just that my email client is no longer on speaking terms with the server. Some kind of disagreement about security protocols. And no, I have no idea why that happened suddenly. But once I sort that out, I’ll be able to catch up on back mail. There’s a fallback option of a webmail client if nothing else works, but that’ll be a pain to use and I’d rather put effort into getting it working properly first.

Anyway, I apologize to those of you who sent submissions or other communication and seemingly got stonewalled. Hopefully I’ll be able to read your messages fairly soon.

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