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  1. Noir is such a difficult genre to really nail down. I actually did a brief study of the noir, before thinking up the caption to this picture. What I really wanted to convey, was that in the noir play itself, no one realizes that the main character is naked. Which is why there’s no mention of it in the play.
    So in order for this young lady to really get into character, by being naked at all times, until it becomes normal and second nature, she’d have to remain naked until the play is completed . So parents and teachers would almost have to step aside and allow her this indulgence, or they’ll have to cast someone else to play the role.
    That and I’m sure she was looking for a chance to be naked for a reason, rather than as a punishment.

    • I’m sure her drama teacher will be more than willing to give her a nude school ‘punishment’ if she explains the reason she needs it. If the school rules will not permit such a ‘punishment’ with no stated offense, I am sure that she and her teacher can explain to her parents why she needs a parental ‘punishment’ for this period.

      • Yeah, it’s just a really strange “no one knows/notices she’s naked” thing. So the nudity is so incredibly unnecessary, that it’s mandatory.
        Noir is weird, so as such, I’m sure the school would know that anyone playing the main character would require special accommodations to make them believable.

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