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    • Yeah, that’s cool. That’s why I came up with the flashback category, so I can still fit this kind of thing in while maintaining some semblance of consistency on the setting otherwise. It makes sense that things would have been a little disorganized at first.

  1. My take is that permanent nudity is available everywhere in the US by the current year, it’s also normally state-based rather than down to individual cities.

    But I figure this works as a “flashback” caption. In the early days it could well be that it rolled out at the local level first, so if you’re a wanna-be permanude in a town that doesn’t allow it yet, I guess you just had to make do with whatever opportunities to be naked you could find.

    • I always sort of assumed that in the US, the states could set the conditions for Permanent Nudity – only by sentence, one year minimum, three year minimum – but that the Federal Government’s contribution was that all states had to honour the status of a permanude even if it contradicted the state regulations. In other words it is like marriage: if you get married in one state, that marriage is recognized in all states even if the couple did not meet the requirements of some of them.

      Some of my posts utilize this concept.

      I also assumed the regulations would be state wide, but the cities might be responsible for providing the service, and the conservative ones might make it more difficult to access the office that registers Permanudes.

      • Generally I agree. It might get a little more complicated with things like topless registration or strict/relaxed nudity. It could be that the federal government only officially recognizes basic permanently naked and permanently bottomless status. So states might be left to their own devices when it comes to handling a more unusual out of state registration.

        Some might decide that these statues still have full force of law, others might be like “there’s no such thing as relaxed nudity, that doesn’t mean anything here, either you’re registered or not.”

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