Just for fun, I’d thought I’d throw together a glossary of Nude World Order related terms.

Permanently naked: Legally prohibited from wearing clothes. Either voluntarily or not.
“She’s permanently naked.”
Permanently bottomless: Legally prohibited from wearing anything that covers the genitals or anus, but required to wear a top. Almost always a punishment.
“He was sentenced to five years permanently bottomless.”
Permanently topless: Legally prohibited from wearing anything that covers the breasts. Almost always voluntary.
“I’m looking for a permanently topless receptionist.”
Permanent nudity: Noun form of permanently naked.
“I’m going to sign up for permanent nudity.”
PN: Permanently naked. Often used in the compound “PN girl”.
“I’m going to the PN Rights march on Friday.”
PN girl: A permanently naked young woman. Some might consider it disrespectful, but plenty of PN girls happily refer to themselves as such.
“I’m the only PN girl where I work.”
Permanude: Casual term for a permanently naked person, or short for permanently naked.
“So this permanude at the mall says…” “You’re gonna be permanude? Wow!”
New Laws: Unofficial term for recent nudity related legal changes. Basically anything that’s different from the real world.
“The new laws have almost made commercials worth watching.”
Register: Voluntarily sign up to be permanently naked.
“I finally decided to register.”
Unregistered nudity: Nudity not sanctioned by the new laws.
“Unregistered nudity is prohibited on this beach.”
Taking clothes away: Common way to describe nudity used as a punishment by schools or parents. Not technically the same as permanent nudity, though similar in effect.
“I can’t believe they took my pants away for that!”
Clothing status: Official term for the state of being permanently naked, topless, or bottomless, or not.
“We don’t discriminate based on clothing status.”
Nude punishment: Nudity used as a punishment, including criminal sentences, but primarily used in the context parental or school punishments.
“OK class, I expect you all to behave. I’m not shy about using nude punishments.”
Nude World Order: Sometimes used as a name for the fictional setting, as well a the blog itself.
(No one in the setting itself actually uses the term, or if they did it only only be a joke.)
Nudist: Not an official term, but some people might use it to mean the same thing. Depending on context it could also refer to “oldschool” nudists who aren’t actually registered.
“Ugg, I have nothing to wear, maybe I should become a registered nudist.” “Oh cool, a nudist camp, I didn’t know they still had those.”
N.U.M.A.: Nudity Under Medical Advice, a special type of registration designed to help treat or accommodate a medical problem.
“Yeah, I got this rash on my boob, and my doctor says air will help, so I got N.U.M.A. prescription to leave it hanging out.
Newd Etiquette: How to behave when permanently naked, or around those who are. Most commonly applied to keeping your legs apart when sitting, which is considered more polite than trying to hide yourself.
“My friends say I’m still too shy about my body, it’s hard to get used to Newd Etiquette.”
French Style: Refers to wearing a normal top or dress with the neck opened wide to expose and frame the breasts.
“This dress may be plain, but wearing it French style makes all the difference!”
Strict/Relaxed: Different “levels” of nudity, used in some jurisdictions. Strict means no accessories. Relaxed allows any clothing, as long as it doesn’t cover the key areas.
“I got a fucking strict nudity sentence. I can’t even wear shoes except for safety.”
“I went for the relaxed registration. I’m showing off my goodies in style.”
Spreadie: A social media fad where you take a picture with your legs spread. Most traditionally it’s done with two friends holding you up.
“I can’t believe Liz just posted a spreadie! She was always so shy.”
Textile: Nudist jargon for a non-nudist (IRL), some permanudes have picked it up as well.
“Nah you don’t need to be registered to hang out with us, I have lots of textile friends too!”

Did I miss anything?

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