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  1. Personally in my opinion incest in real life is wrong and creepy but in fiction/fantasy I don’t see anything wrong with it so now can we please stop arguing about it and please be respectful and civilised on this site

  2. NWO: “I reject the idea that non-censorship is an endorsement (a view which seems increasingly common, unfortunately).”

    There’s no need to censor those perverted views; however your silence on some matters does seem to express a form of endorsement. You are quick to ridicule those who condemn some comments, but quite slow or silent on some comments. Endorsement? Not quite sure, but definitely encouraging those perverts to continue to post.

    • I do of course have opinions of my own, which I may or may not choose to express, but I do my best to be fair. I’m not exactly sure who you’re saying I’ve ridiculed. I’d like to think I’ve avoided language which could be fairly described as such, but perhaps not in every case.

      Also sometimes dumb comments just don’t seem worth a reply, so please don’t assume I agree with everything I don’t verbally object to either.

  3. I wonder why you say that? Your tits sag a little bit, but almost not visible. Perfect milf tits. That’s what all boys hope for when they try to watch Mom through the keyhole in the shower.

    • “That’s what all boys hope for when they try to watch Mom through the keyhole in the shower.”

      WTF? That’s incredibly disturbing.

        • I can’t believe I even have to write this post, FFS. You have issues…

          “Don’t yuck someone’s yum”? Don’t fetishize your own mother. That’s fucked up, period. It shouldn’t be condoned here, or anywhere else. It is not an opinion, it is fact: incest is wrong. Thoughts of incest are wrong. Talking about it as a fetish, is wrong. THESE ARE FACTS. If you disagree, you are severely mentally disturbed.

          • This is fun! Now go off on a rant about homosexuality being immoral, or how people with hereditary disabilities shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. You can even use the exact same arguments if you want, G.

            • Wow, those are so not the same things. I see you’re a lost cause. Fine. Continue being a demented pervert. But maybe keep quiet about it unless you want to be arrested? Of course, if you went to prison, you might find yourself getting to live out all kinds of sexual fantasies…or being the “butt end” of somebody else’s. 😉

              • “…But maybe keep quiet about it unless you want to be arrested? Of course, if you went to prison,…”

                Why do you actually read something with Stepsis or Stepmom in the title of 90% of all videos on Xhamster? There seem to be more people into this “fetish” than you’d like to realize. Maybe uptight people like you are the actual minority.

              • Now that you got that out of your system, make an argument against consensual sex between two people who are blood relatives, one that doesn’t sound exactly like the others I cited: it’s “wrong” or it’s “irresponsible”.

                That would be much more interesting than personal attacks, don’t you think?

                  • Why are these “people” allowed here, NWO? You condone this behaviour? You condone incest, pedophilia, and the like? Nobody should ever have to argue against this. It should be common sense and deceny.

                    Oh, and I’m actually an atheist, for anyone wondering about my religion. Not sure how that factors into morals.

                    I’ve had issues with this before. If perverted behaviour like this is encouraged, I won’t be back.

                    • You know I’d be sorry to see you go, but I don’t censor comments, with very few exceptions beyond spam. I reject the idea that non-censorship is an endorsement (a view which seems increasingly common, unfortunately).

                      I accept responsibility as “publisher” for blog posts and use discretion there, but not for comments. You’re certainly not the only one who disagrees with how I handle this, though. Just today I also had someone complaining about a “racist” comment. I did think that comment was kinda silly because there are already way more blondes than black people in the images here but it wasn’t really hateful; just expressing a preference, so I figured he’s entitled to his opinion too.

                      You, the blondlover, and the Oedipus complex guys are all entitled to freedom of speech and I don’t see it as my job to get in the way. So if you find uncensored comments unpalatable, perhaps the best option is to stay for the images but steer clear of the comment section.

                      P.S. WordPress apparently has a hard limit on comment chains at 10. I didn’t cut off further replies on purpose. You can reply to yourself or make a new top-level comment if you want to respond.

                    • How does one go from looking through a keyhole to a pedophile interaction between mother and son? You’re almost pretending that life is dark web porn and mothers pounce on their sons as soon as she realizes he realizes his mother isn’t an androgynous alien. Ridiculous.

                      After all, I didn’t claim with my initial comment that every boy wants to fuck his mother. Incidentally, that was never mentioned. Except that everyone has probably had the temptation, at some point, to catch a glimpse if she looks good. Whether he will succumb to temptation is another question. Certainly… I exaggerated. Not all boys do that. But in the pre-internet era, keyholes at home were probably the only source of high quality entertainment for most boys.

                      This generation is just totally infested with feminism. Boys are no longer allowed to fight, they have to more feminine than girls, and get depressed about their “depravity” when trying to see (any) tits without prior consent and ethical analysis. Preferably in writing and notarized.


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