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  1. Hello everyone. In Norway, where i’m from, «take a bath» can be used for both bath tub and the beach. Didn’t think it thru when writing it, but I see the mistake when the caption is actually on the image.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of subtle, one of those little language quirks. Bathing can mean either (hence bathing suits), but “take a bath” only means in a tub. In didn’t expect this would confuse people as much as it apparently did. But in the future I’ll try and fix any English errors like this.

  2. I think the author might not have english as first language and “take a bath” means going into the sea, so the people won’t do it naked woud be the ones who go in bikinis, shorts or anything else

    • In German, somebody bathes in the bathtub, the pool, the lake, the sea, the river – it is always called bathing if you do it for relaxation, just for fun or to clean yourself.
      Possibly the first language of the writer is German and translated this incorrectly.

        • Hello BareBear,
          I’m German but I don’t know. Maybe Germans are more relaxed then US-Americans because a lot of strong religious people leaves Europe and comes to the USA (Bibel Belt). I believe Germans are the same relaxed as people from Netherlands, Danmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Maybe the reason is, that a lot are not strong religious in North-Europe.
          And then in Germany, … exists the FKK ( Freikörperkultur ). It’s not allowed anywhere, but it’s a first step to look relaxed to naked people.

          • Interesting Ger68, perhaps it has to do with religion but in the same breath, I know a lot of Christian nudists, so I don’t think it’s always a religious conviction that makes people not go naked. One may also find evidence in the Bible showing how many people were naked on a daily basis, especially if they did manual work. But interesting what you say about the FKK.

    • English has also used bath, bathing and such as both using a tub and being at the beach. Remember, a hundred years or more ago, there was no such thing as a bathing suit. Thus, a dip in the river was the usual rare activity that cleaned you. Bathhouses is another hold over from there.

  3. Maybe the author of the post meant to mean that it’s easier to just jump in the bath without having to undress first? That’s what I think they were trying to get across, there’s no undressing. It’s either that or they’re two modern Amish girls who think their sister are weird for bathing in a dress in a dam or something

    • I have never understood why people swim, bathe, or shower with clothes on. I can’t stand wet clothes myself. It is easier to clean your body (soaping and scrubbing) if you are naked (no clothing to get in the way). But then I have never understood the reasoning behind indecent exposure laws. There is nothing indecent about nudity as long as you are not doing anything lewd.

  4. I think basically everyone takes a bath naked
    Why this picture is at the beach is beyond me, most people don’t go to the beach to take a bath

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