5 Replies to ““Topless””

  1. I, for one, think this is better than vanilla PN!

    While hurting no one, she’s making a statement of defiance, of personal freedom, of cheekiness, and of cheeks of the posterior variety.

    Now THAT’S self expression!

    • I must agree. Perhaps just a bandaid or sticky patch to push it even further. Strut her stuff. As long as she wears “something” right?

    • Such a sad attitude towards life of others.

      Is she helping to care disabled parent?
      Does she work for her parents who operate their business from home?
      Is she attending college and saving money?
      Maybe her parents are living with her.

      Maybe she does have her own place, but her parents since can advise their adult daughter. She might still respect their opinions and honor their requests. Perhaps they told her not to come around their house if she was fully nude.

      Yet out of all these other possibilities, you leap to the conclusion that she is sponging off her parents. So sad.

      • Maybe it was meant to be a humorous remark. Cold print can’t convey the tone of the voice or the twinkle in the eye…

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