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  1. The nude driving part… been-there-done-that, however there were clothes in the car including a pair of shorts within reach, and it was a few hundred miles. Put the shorts on to go through the inspection/state border crossing from OR to CA.
    It wasn’t from any sort of dare. It was just a wild idea and I went for it.

    • I used to do nude driving regularly. When I first got my own place I lived there mainly clothes free, but I was 10 miles out of town and so impatient to get naked that when I finished late shifts I would take shoes and socks off as soon as I got into the car, strip to a button up shirt above the waist and pull my jeans and underwear down to my thighs to drive past security then push them completely off once through. Then I would unbutton the shirt, shrug it off and then drive 8-9 miles home completely naked. As my neighbourhood was really quiet I could just put the clothes in a bag and streak from my driveway into the house. Sadly this had to stop when I got married, but fond memories of happy naked days!

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