5 Replies to “Designer Dress”

  1. Ditch the dress – and any other covering/decoration. Go with full extreme strict nude. Demonstrate, in the most effective way, your own honesty and openness as you represent this property to your guests.

  2. Doing without monarchs wasn’t invented by America.. the Roman Republic, pre Roman Empire tried it (amongst others) .. dates with a BC suffix. Washington is ridiculously recent. So is Columbus for that matter.

    Going back to architecture, there is older than either of those gentlemen within walking distance of here.

  3. Amusing how Americans think such recent buildings are “historical”, there again they have so little history compared to anywhere in Europe that they lack a proper perspective.

    • What is amusing is how Europeans think their dirt is older than the dirt in the Americas. plenty of history has happened on the dirt here. “George Washington Slept Here” is a popular sign up and down the Atlantic coast. Not surprisingly, we don’t have many “Cornwallis Slept Here” signs. Perspective? We see history through the eyes of rejecting a monarch reign over us. Keep in mind, the history fought on our dirt changed the political landscape over how those on European dirt are now free. Historical indeed.

  4. Of course you can’t shake the question because in your heart of hearts you know that the dress looks completely stupid. Just ditch it and go as nature intended.

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