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  1. As someone who got left picking up the pieces from just such an office exchange, there’s going to be all hell to pay.

    In the future his and her relationship in the office could go off the rails.

    However, the most likely problem is all the other hers in the office that see her getting promotions she does or does not deserve. Promotions they may have been in line for.

    Yep, Monday morning the fat is really going to hit the fan.

  2. Using a position of power to offer promotion to a subordinate in exchange for granting sexual favours. What a sleazy, disgusting excuse for a human being and a disgrace to the male gender

    • Agreed, this certainly isn’t proper behavior, New Laws or no. As always, just because something is shown doesn’t mean it’s endorsed. Although, it’s fair to point out she did also ask if his erection was “for her”.

    • No no hang on a fucking minute; she told him his boner was magnificent, that she couldn’t take her eyes off of it, and asked if it was for her first. She’s the one offering propositioning him, and he’s offering promotion for something she was going to do anyway. It’s definitely favortism, but it’s not sleazy considering that she was already coming onto him

      • Interacting in this way at the company picnic, as long as such is not a violation of company policy and/or social norms in this world, is fine. However as soon as it is connected to on-the-job favors such as promotion, that is where it crosses the line.

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