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  1. Am I correct that topless is fully legal in (real World) New York, but illegal in most other states/towns?

    • Pretty much. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in the US I believe it’s “tentatively legal” in a few other states after circuit court ruling, but New York is the only state where it’s really been tested much or put into practice with even semi-commonly. I think this is true of all or part of Canada too, but I haven’t been following that as much and don’t understand their legal system as well.

      There are also probably any number of cities that simply don’t have a law against it currently, but without a legal precedent, I fear there’s a risk women would still be charged with “disorderly conduct” or some such, or the city can always just decide to outlaw it if it actually caught on.

      • I’m pretty sure it is legal I Texas too. A few years ago Austin said they would arrest women who flashed at their Mardi Gras event, and quickly had to backtrack. They even had police “protection” at a topless demonstration.
        Nobody sited or arrested. Basically if a man can be topless can a woman.

  2. That shouldn’t even require any sort of registration. Not just because she is “small.” Topless, in general, is no big deal.

    She should go back to the registration office and upgrade her registration to full PN, max term, perhaps even Strict.

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