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  1. Ooo boy, I hope I didn’t go too far with this one. Rest assured I made extra sure the site this came from is above board and everything. The model apparently goes by Dolly Little.

    • While model is likely 18+
      the image is depicting underage.

      Legally, probably fine; however, this just seems to attract the types of followers no one really wants following them. Am I correct?

      • Not entirely. I don’t care who follows me, as long as they don’t cause trouble.

        But let’s be honest, the setting has always had a certain amount of “implied underage”, with parental punishments and such. And that dates from before I even started my blog on tumblr (since I was riffing off another tumblr blog). While I justify those captions by saying the law allows this for adult dependent children, a lot of them really make more sense if you imagine the girls as 16 or so.

        Still, I know I’m pushing plausible deniability with this one. Technically a Girl scout could be 18 though, in the same way you can be 18 in high school.

        • Yeah, girl scouts are open to anyone K-12, so the proportion of girl scouts that are 18+ is probably roughly the same as the proportion of students who are 18+. Adding to the plausible deniability is that there’s no explicit mention of the Scouts, meaning it could just as easily be a college camping club or whatever that also uses a merit badge system.

          It’s probably best not to think too deeply about it.

          • Now rationalize away her Girl Scout of America beret.

            A girl scout earning merit badges could be 17 years and 364 days old. Once they turn 18 years, they no longer earn merit badges. They can be an adult leader in the GSA. Works the same for the boy scouts.

            As to NWO comment about parents imposing punishments, well, I treat this as a 18+ living at home. Whether college students or just not moving out. The old parental saying, “While you re living under my roof, I make the rules.”

            I really have no objection to the images showing a clearly 18+ with references to high school or “little brothers.” What I find distasteful is when the photographer portrays the models to look like she is underage. That is something I do not do. That is something many models will not do, too. Of course, there are plenty who do that.

            NWO, you should care who follows you. Eventually they will comment on the pedo-leanings. Probably send you some images, and one will slip by your age-detecting radar. If you want that heat, turn up the stove. that’s not a kitchen I care to be in.

            • Well, I’d say you can leave, but apparently not. 😉

              Anyway, point taken, to an extent. I certainly don’t want anyone to get the idea it’s OK to send underage images. But at the same time I don’t think posting the odd fauxbait image is really going to cause that.

              As far as the Girl Scouts, I couldn’t find a definitive answer, but almost everything I see suggests what rationetemporis said is correct, it goes by grade level not age. (This may differ from the Boy Scouts, which seem to be stricter on this.)

              • Yes, it seems for most of GSA it is grade based, which would leave out homeschoolers? yet allow someone who failed multiple grades and is of legal drinking age?

                Depends on the District/Council – this from one in Georgia:
                Who can be an individually registered Girl Scout?
                Any girl who is 5-17 years of age may become an individually registered Girl Scout.

                Also, earning of badges stops at 18, according to other sites.

                Schematics? perhaps. Let’s not play games thinking the image shown was to clearly show someone 18+ in the minds of the viewer. The idea was to pretend she was underage. You even questioned it before posting it. I believe your hunch was correct, yet spending time to age verify was not the proper course of action. In future questionable posts, I recommend just deleting them. Makes no sense to publish them.

                • There are two separate issues:

                  1) Was the model dressed up an a younger girl on purpose? Yeah, obviously. To me that’s not a big deal, as long as I can confirm it’s just pretend.

                  2) Does the caption necessarily imply she’s under 18 with no wiggle room? Call it a fine point the the law, but this is something I try to avoid. The answer seems inconclusive though. Don’t suppose there are any Girl Scout leaders on here who can clarify for us…

                  Anyway, I understand your perspective, but mine is a little different. I’ll keep it in mind though. Pictures like this certainly won’t be frequent in any case.

            • Now rationalize away her Girl Scout of America beret.

              An issue of Stolen Valor, clearly. I’ve met like three scouts total in my life so I don’t really know how it works, but are scouts not permitted to keep their uniforms when they finish/graduate? I’ve worn my old high school apparel at college, so I don’t find it implausible that someone who was formerly a scout might retain their hat and wear it at some kind of Camping or Outdoors Club at their workplace or at university. I was surprised to find that Merit Badge is actually a registered trademark of BSA but people use trademarks like “kleenex” and “google” as generic terms all the time.

              Some people just look younger than they are, it’s not really their fault or the fault of the photographer – Michael J. Fox was like 25 when he played Marty McFly. Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen) was like 27.

              Plus NWO has always been judicious in keeping in strict compliance for this sort of thing, always verifying that the model is associated with a legitimate firm whenever it’s unclear.

              • I was a boy scout so it might be different woth girl scouts but I was allowed to and encouraged to keep my uniform when I eagle out. Now wearing it is a different story as the only reason you would is you were either in a parade or at a scout jamboree. My troop never wore hats so I don’t know about them.

                • As an Eagle Scout myself, we did not “eagle out” of scouts. We worked on palms as we continued to earn additional merit badges. We were “promoted” to Junior Assistant Scoutmasters. At 18, we decided whether to transition to an Assistant Scoutmaster to continue in the BSA, or not. We no longer could earn merit badges.

                  You wear the uniform to official BSA functions. We were not permitted to wear the uniform, or even our head gear, during fundraising activities. It would be quite odd for any adult to wear part of their uniform to a non-scouting related activity.

                  I never was a girl scout so I don’t know about them.

              • The “Back To The Future” trilogy was a wee bit different than this site. Adult actors portraying fully clothed high school students is not the same as a nude actor.

                “Not Another Teen Movie” Cerina Vincent, playing the exchange student Areola, would be more on point.

        • Just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind me asking of course, what was this other tumblr blog about? How different or similar was setting? 🙂

          • It was called forevernakedgirl. Of course I have no way of knowing how much of this was true, but the author claimed to be something close to a PN girl in real life. Being naked all the time at home with her roommates, and frequently attending parties and such in the nude. She was also a lesbian, and for that reason I suppose, permanent nudity was essentially for women only in her setting.

            Some ideas carried forward from her blog are that it can be either voluntary or a punishment, that bottomless is always a punishment, and the cold weather exception.

            Details I changed include extending it to men (even though the blog obviously still focuses on women), and dramatically reducing the reasons you could be registered involuntarily. She allowed basically any authority figure, like a therapist or an employer to do it. These changes were made to (IMHO) keep the setting a little more believable.

            Sadly, her tumblr blog got deleted just shortly after mine, and I haven’t had any contact with her since.

            • It is so bad that forevernakedgirl just disappeared without any information. It was my favorite blog back then

              • Yes I agree. Besides the captioned nude photos, forevernakedgirl also would write about her life and experiences as a forever naked person. I believe that she was truthful and sincere. Near the end of her blog she also included some pictures of herself. I don’t know if she ever said it or if it was my own assumption but I thought she lived in the San Diego or possibly the Los Angeles area. I learned about this NWO blog on forevernakedgirl’s site. Would love to hear from her. I’m sure our moderator wouldn’t mind if she checked in on NWO.

                • Huh, I didn’t remember she had shared pictures of herself. But yes, I also have the impression she is/was on the west coast somewhere, the fact said it’s never cold enough for her to need clothes for that reason is a good clue right there.

                  Anyway, I would of course be happy to hear from her.

                • Wasn’t her blog getting increasingly dark near the end? I had been following her until she started captioning photos where PN girls had their arms cut off because they covered themselves, were subjected to infibulation, etc. and it was too ghoulish for me.

                  • Uhh, I don’t remember too much of that, but her blog did get a little strange towards the end, with a new theme of “The Treatment”, showing up. This was basically a bimbofication type fetish, where girls would (voluntarily) have a procedure to become less smart so they could just have fun and not worry about things… or something like that. Definitely not my thing.

                    Again this was supposedly based on her real life, where she suffered a brain injury in a car accident. I remember she made a titled “How the worst thing that ever happened to me became my fetish”… and honestly this is the point where I started to get a little skeptical about her story being true. Not that it matters, I guess. It’s internet stuff, who the hell knows what’s true anyway.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it because I know from my job that if people have concerns, they won’t be shy to voice them

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