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  1. I think with this caption you gave many female gypsy beggars a new business idea. Now they no longer have to be mutilated by their mafia bosses or abuse animals for begging in order to encourage people to donate.

      • This is a problem that ouer prosecutors are definitely grappling with. And I have already seen handicapped gypsies in the vicinity of Christmas markets who were picked up in the evening with a new VW van with local license plates. You can google how expensive such a vehicle is! This is definitely a mafia that figuratively prostitutes these people. I sold mulled wine with my father at such markets and was therefore able to watch them go on all day. It hurts me most to see when the dogs are with them and they have to stay out in the cold all day. There are also numerous tv-documentations dealing with this topic. Probably not in America, no. Romania, where most of the gypsies come from, is a bit too far away from you, which is why this matter certainly has no media relevance for you. Incidentally, in my country (Germany) there is a special name for gypsies that the vernacular probably formed on the basis of empirical values. We refer to these people as Zigeuner. The word is made up of the two old German words “Ziehen”,which means traveling around, and “Geuner”, witch means rogue. Or in high German: Ziehende Gauner. But we prefere the old name.

        Maybe this is too racist for non-Europeans. But you have to be European to be able to judge that.

        Unfortunately, for some years now we have had the law in Germany that every EU citizen can apply for social assistance from us as long as they can prove a permanent place of residence and regular employment. Unfortunately, according to the law, operating a small business also counts as employment. Mostly these are fictional service companies like “demolition companies” and the like which only exist on paper. These alleged companies do not generate any profit. However, since there are small businesses, the “owners” of such trade licenses can have their poor livelihood topped up by the social welfare office.

        And that’s not just doing 2 or 3 gypsies here, but tens of thousands! Also a political legacy from Angela Merkel! You foreigners seem to love Merkel. But let me tell you, she is the most hated head of government among the people since the existence of the republic!

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