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  1. hmm, neo-puritanism and full blown muhammedan morality police are now the norm in the Netherlands, sadly.

    This week in the news: school bans girls from wearing shorts because they might attract pedophiles.
    Every year around this time: bikinis should be banned because they “objectify women” and are offensive to muslims.
    All the time: outrage about “almost naked people” who’re wearing shorts and tank tops.

    • Pretty much describes every country right now. Honestly, the world needs actual permanent nudity laws now more than ever.

      • What the hell!

        I was thinking of mooving to a more nude-friendly country later in life… What’s left now?

        There really should be a nude movement to compansate for all that puritanism. Or a clothes-freedom movement, not in the sense of full nudity but just being free to choose any clothing you like even if it shows 90% of your skin.

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