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  1. So how does this permanent topless registration actually work then? To my logic topless means naked above the waist but this girl seems to have found a top with a back vent then put it on the wrong way round and flopped her breasts out through it. So does that mean as long as the breasts are visible anything goes?

    • Unfortunately, that is a common interpretation here. My logic is similar to yours on this.
      Topless = bare from the waist up. (Not just tits exposed)
      Bottomless = bare from the waist down. (Not just crotch exposed)

      • well, to be fair, it can vary from place to place, so perhaps some places have topless & bottomless how you 2 interpret them, while other places are looser with how they define topless & bottomless

        • Definitely possible. It’s also possible some places apply the relaxed/strict concept to bottomless and/or topless as well. It’s true that my usual interpretation is that these work more like the “relaxed” version, but it’s not necessarily true everywhere.

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