3 Replies to “Sister Practicing”

  1. Boobs shouldn’t be awkward, especially if you’re going to see them all the time.

    But yes I agree with justcantgetitup, end the weird game and go naked to practice! Then set a deadline to register PN and she has to go perma-topless (or more) before then!

  2. Personally I could look at her breasts all day but you need to sort this. First tell her she’s inspired you to go PN and you will practice now. If she tells you to stop then chances are the flashing is just attention seeking and she’ll stop. If she calls your bluff, go for broke, strip naked and give it full newdikette. If she exposes her breasts again shout “Yes! PN practice!” and strip again, urging her to join you. Enjoy your naked time with your sister then register fully PN together.

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