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  1. Just a little disclaimer on this. In person registration is definitely still the norm, and is an important part of preventing fraudulent registrations in someone else’s name. But I can see some sort of online option being implemented as a temporary alternative during Covid lockdown times.

    • I could see online registrations being done via Zoom or similar. (Virtual in-person)
      The registration session would be live with the court clerk giving the registrant video action requirements to a) positively identify the registrant, b) verify that the registrant is voluntarily registering and c) take the id photo via the registrant’s live camera to be used to produce the PN ID.

      • And I could see someone tricking the registrant into believing they’re merely “roleplaying” with a random stranger who will let them vicariously experience what the PN registration process is like… And some of the Registration clerks being in on the fact the person thinks they’re Role Playing.

      • Yeah, I think I even did one caption about a “video registration booth”. It was presented as an unusual thing, but in these times when people are afraid to meet in person, it does seem like video conference registration might be an acceptable compromise.

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