5 Replies to “Tropical Vacation Ruined”

  1. Vacation ruined? I think not! More like vacation improved. In fact her life for the next two years has been significantly improved. Hopefully she’ll see the truth of this and embrace it – and renew her strict PN status voluntarily when her sentence ends.

    • Maybe not as easy as it seems. When she says “I ran right back here,” I think she means she abandoned her vacation in the tropics and headed back to her chilly and rainy home town, where it’s not so easy to fix those severe tan lines.

      On the plus side, at least she’s totally naked. Even with embarrassing tan lines, that’s pretty great.

      • Dimmesdale has the right idea, here. I didn’t want to say “I ran right back home” because she literally couldn’t have RAN home from there so I decided “here” was more appropriate for context and clarity. But yes, vacation over!

        • Still an easy fix. Go to the nearest tanning salon… Then embrace the Strict PN status like the wonderful thing that it is.

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