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    • It’s a little awkward, but if you read the whole part starting from “everyone knows” it kind of works. My formal grammar terminology is much too rusty to say what that use of “but” is called or explain why it still sounds slightly off here, though.

      • I don’t find it “sounds slightly off” at all. However, you do need to read it with the correct intonation.
        ‘But’ is a conjunction joining the two subordinate clauses that begin with ‘that’. There really needs to be a stronger break after ‘pussy’, either a semi-colon or a period with a capitalized ‘Everyone’.

        Starting from there the sentence breaks down as:

        “Everyone knows
        that I’m not a registered girl,
        and [everyone knows] that I was punished.”

        The ‘and’ is changed to ‘but’ to emphasise that the two clauses are contrasting the two alternatives, and that gives the caption. The awkwardness may be at least partly due to the change in tense from the present ‘I am’ to the past ‘I was’. It might feel better if it was changed to:
        “Everyone knows that I’m not a registered girl but that I am being punished.”

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