5 Replies to “Strict Nudity in the Office”

  1. Failure to allow it might mean a big media scandal, lots of interviews with the affected parties on tv, broadcast around the country. A real pr nightmare

  2. Strict is strict. HR must abide by the sentence. If the shoe issue is documented safety gear and the strict sentence has a safety gear allowance, shoes can be required. Otherwise, they can’t.

    • Indeed. Strict permanudes are barefoot. Though I feel like there’s a lawsuit to be had about requiring footwear for other permanudes, that shouldn’t be allowed if you want to be naked!

      • It would probably be thrown out as s frivolous lawsuit. Companies are allowed to set clothing standards for their employees, and that includes for permanudes, provided that the sensitive areas are fully visible. They could easily argue that being barefoot looks unprofessional particularly with the dirty soles.

        If the permanudes start to organize for bare feet, all the company need do is suggest they are looking at requiring all employees to wear a specific type of shoe and pantyhose or thigh-high stockings to ensure a more professional appearance and most of the PNs will back right off.

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