7 Replies to “Put That Away”

  1. If you’re bottomless you should just accept being photographed. It’s going to happen, and there’s nothing wrong with people being able to see your genitals later.

  2. Since the title of the pic and the person who submitted it are the same, is the implication that “Rosudo” is the girl in the pic? Or is that simply coincidental?

  3. (Incestuous Brother): If you mean “Scoff” as in “eat” you have a deal.. otherwise I’m going to catch you with no hand there eventually.. sexy sis…

    • I’ve never heard scoff used in reference to eating. To scoff is more a reference of scorn.

      Perhaps you’re thinking of “scarf,” as in gobble or eat rapidly.

      • That’s what I thought too, but I checked the OED, and discovered that this particular verb scarf is a US version of scoff, much to my surprise.

        scarf, v.4
        Etymology: Variant of SCOFF v.2
        U.S. slang.
        The full definition given is :
        transitive and intransitive = SCOFF v.2 1. Also with up and down.

        The particular definition in Scoff that that points to is :
        To eat voraciously, devour; also gen. to eat. Also with up, down. Also figurative.

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