3 Replies to “No Respect”

  1. I think a bottomless punishment is in store for the sister so she can learn to respect permanudes! A year sounds like a good duration to me.

  2. Be proud of what you’ve got. Push for full nude to show off your gorgeous, full breasts to put your sister in her place.

  3. I don’t like to bad-mouth parents, but your mother is totally wrong.

    Respect is not earned by a patch of hair. Many people will give you more respect for accepting the punishment fully; exposing, not hiding, your (usually) private parts.

    As for your little sister, just let her know she is acting like a baby, pointing and laughing at something new, then ignore her taunts. That will do more to earn back her respect than a full bush would, a full bush she would be just as likely to jeer at as your clean-shaven look.

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