9 Replies to “Cheerleader”

  1. I went to school with a cheerleader. Who im sure i speak for the masses would defently tune in if she was PN at a game. And she would make for a mighty beautiful PN fulltime if it was possible to be.

    • Some exhibitionists want to make sure everyone’s entire focus is on the crotch, ass, and chest. So we put on socks and shoes to accentuate our nudity and give the audience the signal that we want their eyes on our pussy, ass, and tits at all times!

  2. Hope there are some VERY revealing moves in her routine! Being naked for millions of people is a dream come true! Being naked for millions of people and showing them every inch of your body is heaven!

  3. This is an exhibitionist’s absolute dream outcome. May every exhibitionist get the chance to be naked and the center of attention on national TV!

  4. After the huge success of the broadcast, I wouldn’t be surprised if this became the new official cheerleading uniform.

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