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    • I totally agree, along with believing that a cup size less than D is too small. Unfortunately, too many young ladies still feel this way.
      Usually I consider NWO to be just like our current world, with the sole change being that people may register for (or be sentenced to) permanent nudity. So you will see a lot of different personalities: lesbians, D/s couples, modest people, exhibitionists, etc. And this includes some people who feel they are fat when they are not and some who feel that their breasts are too small. I hope these misapprehensions are helped by a permanude term, but far too many young women feel that way.

      If you don’t like my reality, skip my submissions, because I am not going to stop as long as these beliefs exist.

      • Maybe stop with the crap and it will go away, keep bringing it up and make women feel less than dirt. Just stop. If you actually agreed you would stop.

        • Actually, could you stop? It’s fine to say you don’t like it. You made your case. But now you seem to be ascribing malicious intent to Daican-2, which I don’t think is fair at all.

          • I don’t usually reply to Anonymous posts. but I wanted to let others know why I have so many contradictory posts, many stating positions I would not agree with, but that are rampant in our society.

            I had no intention of replying to Anonymous’s second post as they have totally ignored my message and posted what I see as trolling, which I don’t think should be encouraged by a reply. (You may see it differently.)

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