Pardon Our Dust

My host’s tech support is gonna be helping me try to optimize things. You will likely notice a few changes/broken things while we’re working on this. And I may end up having to sacrifice a few features, but I’ll do my best. Clink “Continue reading” for the latest news.

Update: Speaking of broken stuff, it looks like comments were probably broken for most of a day (at least for people without an account). Sorry about that. It should be working again now. As before, your comment may not appear immediately. Unless you get an error or something it should be fine.

Update 2: Contact and submission forms are available again, although they currently look terrible.

Update 3: Some people might not be seeing new posts appear. If this occurs, try shift-clicking your browser’s reload button, or clearing its cache. For similar reasons, the “Random” link might be broken. Also darkmode is unavailable right now, but I’m sure you noticed already if you were using that.

Update 4: I know this will come as a shock, but I’m experimenting with changing the theme to see if that helps any.

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4 Replies to “Pardon Our Dust”

  1. On the plus side, as a result of a plug-in change, you can now use MarkDown formatting (which you may be familiar with from reddit or discord) in comments.

    `Fixed Width`
    [Nude World Order](
    > Blockquote

    You need a blank line to end a quote.


    Fixed Width
    Nude World Order


    You need a blank line to end a quote.

    ~~Strikethrough~~ doesn’t seem to be supported, and I can’t promise for sure that any of this will stay around when the dust settles, but it seems likely.

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