Looks like I’m the April Fool today

Sorry guys, no funny jokes, I’m not in the mood. My site got suspended again. (Same overloading issue that happened last year.) I got them to turn it back on, but doubtless it will happen again before long unless I change something. The worrying part is they now say even the next level up hosting plan (first level VPS) will not be enough. It seems there might be something abnormal going on in WordPress that’s making it much more demanding on CPU than normal. But I can’t even tell because everything is so opaque from my end.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. I don’t think I could justify paying $100 a month or something. Maybe it won’t come to that, but I just don’t know right now. I promise Nude World Order won’t disappear completely, but unless this can be sorted out in some non-obvious way, I’m not sure the current format is viable.

If anyone on here is good at WordPress, I could really use some help.

Regular posts will probably be sparse to nonexistent while I try and deal with this. Sorry about that.

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11 Replies to “Looks like I’m the April Fool today”

  1. With all the changes that have occurred in our everyday lives currently, it would be great to have this site still be a part of it. I admire that you have kept this place going for so long through challenging circumstances in the past. Many thanks and best wishes to solve whatever technical issues you are facing now. Just know that you are valued and appreciated.

  2. I work in IT and I also have a WordPress website with more than a decade of website design experience. Email me with more info.

    • I’m using a company called webhost.pro, and other than perhaps the fact that their rules on CPU load are somewhat opaque I don’t have any complaints. But of course if anyone can highly recommend another host, it would be something to consider. (Critically, it must be adult content friendly though.)

  3. WordPress can be pretty heavy on your server, and certain plugins and themes only make it worse.

    I’m certainly no WordPress expert, but that’s what I keep reading.

    You may have more luck porting the entire thing to a different platform, but do do your research well as there is a lot of junk out there.

    • And you’re not wrong. WordPress has a rather poor reputation when it comes to performance. It’s powerful and flexible, but that comes at the expense of a whole lot of bloat.

      I’m not sure how feasible porting the content here to another system would be. If I have to ditch WordPress I’d certainly like to do that if possible, otherwise I’ll see if I can do something like I explained in my reply to Ekjetter below.

  4. What about starting a new page and leaving this one as is? You know, leave this page here, with all of its content and start a new page that would serve as a sequel to this one.
    It’s just a thought. I don’t know the ins and outs of running a page, much less running two, even if one just serves the purpose of an archive of older content.

    • I’m still hoping the current blog can be salvaged with no discontinuity, but if it can’t, I’ll do my best to preserve what’s here currently.

      It’s important to note that I’m paying for this, so it’s not like I can just walk away and expect it to stay here. Still, something similar to what you’re saying might be possible.

      I’ve heard there are plug-ins that can export a wordpress site as HTML. Basically it would be an archive or snapshot, not a “living” site, so it should be way less CPU-intensive to keep hosting, and I could possibly even make it available as a (really big) download.

        • That’s an option I thought about back when I got kicked off tumblr. It would certainly be better than nothing, but the reasons I rejected the idea before are that it would be a huge change of format to go from a blog to a forum type environment, and after being burned by tumblr, I don’t relish the idea of giving another company that level of control over it again.

          What if reddit suddenly decides they don’t like porn? There are already some hints they don’t care for it much. You’re not allowed to host the actual images on their server, so most people use imgur… which means I also have to worry they might decide they don’t like porn.

  5. I was certainly a little concerned when I checked here earlier – glad you’re still around.

    I know a note of appreciation doesn’t pay the bills, and I’ve zero experience with WordPress myself, but I certainly wish you fortune in sorting something out!

    (Aside: never commented before, the recaptcha phrases were a fun surprise!)

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