5 Replies to “In the Garden”

  1. My explanation for why she still has her thong on is that while she was undressing she just became a little fixated on her breasts (can you blame her?) and got distracted. Once her lover tears them off, she’ll never bother with them again.

    • I accept that rationale. Also, I just realized I think I recognize that girl. She’s a former “Page 3” model in the UK. “Mel D”, Melissa…something?

  2. That bottom sure doesn’t amount to much. She sure sounds like she’d from my Permanude universe with her attitude to not only liking her body but whatever her body wants to do.

  3. Hmm, she’s still wearing bottoms? She must only be taking Nudiephin Light. Still, it definitely looks like she’s experiencing some of the side effects such as Exhibitionism and Nymphomania. Might want to lower the dosage…

    • Yeah I don’t quite know what’s going on there. If she’s really so shameless how come she’s only be topless? Hmm, maybe she likes being able to flash people?

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