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  1. I agree that “they’re just boobs.” Here’s the idea: the assignment has been changed to a one week full nude diary. Every day must include a public exposure experience other than commuting to/from classes. Should the resultant diary be insufficient, the assignment will extend to one month – “Strict.”
    Now finish stripping, and start writing.

  2. This one might bear a little explanation. The idea is that schools sometimes have mandatory nudity not as a punishment, but to promote general personal growth, body acceptance and so on. Things like this have been mentioned a few times, such as “Body Comfort Week”. In this case her assignment was to spend a weekend topless and write up the experience in diary form.

    Unfortunately she couldn’t think of much to say. And it sounds like the teacher was at least half right that she didn’t spend much time in public.

    • I’m glad schools are embracing nudity as personal learning. Every student should spend multiple times naked, topless, and bottomless in public before being able to graduate!

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