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It was brought to my attention that one of the sites on my link’s page disappeared recently. Apparently the company that was hosting it shut down. But the good news is they had advanced warning and were able to move to a new site. Here’s to another 20 years!

Edit: Uh-oh. It looks like it was taken down by their new host. I fully expect they will try to find another home, I’ll keep you all updated whenever I learn anything.

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  1. Apparently there’s no official replacement yet, but I got a message from a user of the site, listing some places where IO/ASN refugees have headed: – Created and Ran by a member of ASN, Kinsey Bay – Ran by ASN admin iionly. Probably the best archive of old works, and best place for news, but not as active for new stories. – Mostly refugees from blondies stripping and humiliation board – Mainly refugees from the Teen Girl Pantsing/Stripping board

    (These descriptions of these are as they were given to me)

    Also of interest, there’s an archive of old stories here:!wipSQAAR!okP1p0B_SvA4gOo_1oGbew

    • And the worst part is, if you read section 25(a) of the ToS, it’s actually the part that says they reserve the right to terminate accounts for any reason, or no reason. So they’re not even saying what rule it broke.

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