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  1. I have a friend who’s daughter used to be his son. Unless you’ve got 20 to 30,000 dollars for surgery, this kind of surprise is the best they can do to achieve what they so dearly desire. Please be gentle with those less fortunate than we. Pregnancy is a much more complex process than we ever thought fifty years ago. Problems made early in the womb can last a lifetime.

    • Agreed. As much as PN laws would be a good thing, genital-based discrimination would become a much more prominent problem, and I worry PN sentences may get handed down to intentionally punish certain minorities.

    • It does look a little weird, but the person who submitted it shared the source, with additional pictures and I’m inclined to think it’s actually legit. (Not sure if a link from here would be welcome though, so I’ll refrain.)

        • It’s someone’s twitter account, but I’m not sure if they would like being linked to from here, especially considering the negative reaction this picture got. In case it wasn’t clear, that’s why I chose not to.

          • For the record, I wasn’t objecting to the trans person or implication of one. I just found it “gross” to be like “surprise, here’s my dick!” when you’re expecting a girl’s parts. Sorry I came off so harsh.

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