The new blog is up and working!

The address is

In the future I might redirect the base domain there, or maybe I'll put a proper welcome page here, haven't decided yet, but the address above should keep working regardless. Sorry this took so long, I had one minor setback after another, and it just added up.


As requested, I've made an archive of all the old content from tumblr (or damn close), thank goodness I always saved everything locally. Needless to say it's pretty big, 861MB to be specific. Thus getting this to you all is a bit of a challenge. I'm trying two ways. Mega and bittorrent.

NWO Archive on
NWO Archive torrent (magnet link)

Please let me know if those don't work. Especially if neither one works for you. I definitely want people to be able to get all the old pics. If you opt for the torrent please help your fellow permanent nudity fans by seeding it for a while.